Friday, July 07, 2017

I need to get my Zen back

The only time, it's good to be chubby, is when you fall - all the extra padding keeps you from breaking a bone or two. My fall, the other day, was scary and I was feeling it for a couple of days. I feel almost back to normal except for a headache. I did not hit my head but I have this dull headache on the very top of my head. My vision seems just a little off.

Not one, to go to the Doctor for every little thing, my husband wants me to. I'll give it more time. I honestly believe it could be, the tension I am feeling due to the noise of next door. The not-so-good vision might be the beginnings of a migraine.

I can work through this! I will work through this.


  1. Anger does work on your body. With Mr. Fix-it next door, you probably will have to come to terms of acceptance. I have a pair of sound protectors that look sort of like ear muffs that I use when I mow grass. That might be more comfortable than plugs. It's a shame the old fart does it all day long.

  2. Go see a doctor!

  3. You should go to the doctor. Not trying to scare you, but sometimes there could be something you do not see. A clot or something. My husband fell while ice skating once and they did a full scan because of that. At his age (only 40's!) they said it was best to check.

  4. I'm with Joeh and Sandi; do go and see a doctor. At least call the office. Better safe than sorry.


  5. Falling over is not good and can take us a little while to get over it and bounce back I am also like you can't often see the point in going to the doctor because I am sure they will say there is nothing they can do


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