Monday, July 17, 2017

City Politics.


I guess because I am so sick of national politics - I am now interested in local politics ( County and State, too) and every other Tuesday I try and attend our city council meetings. Now that we are down to one vehicle, I take my husband to work(7 miles away) and then I have the van to get to the meeting. I will have to stay up - and then pick him up at midnight.

We are all sick of the crime we have been having, although it is all over California due to a series of prison reform measures, which reduce the state prison population by 20,000 inmates by releasing non-violent offenders early and making some felonies misdemeanors. Assembly Bill 109, transferred 60,000 felony parole violators a year from state prison to county control. The measure saved California $100 million and makes our Governor look good. However, my county and the rural cities and towns are inundated with criminals.

Then if that wasn't enough, the voters passed Proposition 47 a couple of years ago, which converted many nonviolent offenses, such as drug and property crimes, from felonies to misdemeanors. Many crimes that are violent are considered non-violent now.

Assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer
Battery with serious bodily injury
Solicitation to commit murder
Inflicting corporal injury on a child
First-degree burglary
Raping an unconscious person
Human trafficking involving a minor
Participation in a street gang
Exploding a destructive device w/ intent to cause injury (yes, setting off a bomb in a public place)

Opiate drugs are everywhere as well as Methamphetamine. We have the homeless; people who are down on their luck- not drug addicted. Then we have the criminal homeless that live in encampments in our canyons and open space areas. They accidentally (or on purpose) start fires. They steal, rob, attack people on our river trails - and our city council just turns a blind eye. Actually one of them rolled her eyes when one of us got up to talk.

Last year, the Guardian Angels formed in our town. My husband and I joined and trained, but we decided we are just too old, to get out there and fight crime. I've met many good people and if you have been reading this blog for long, you know I am a very comfortable introvert. But I'm concerned about what is happening to my beautiful community. There is one citizen group that goes out on the weekends and cleans up the filth left over from the encampments. I can't do that - I'd throw up. It's THAT bad. I could, however, supply the helpers, with water and drinks -

The last city council meeting, we served 2 members a notice to RECALL. They fired our police Chief in the middle of our crime spree crisis. They won't hire more officers, instead, they want pretty lights on our bridge- a new city flag and other frivolous acts and they are worried about paying into the high city pensions. So city services are cut.

It's a mess.

But it's been fun, interesting and actually satisfying in a way because unlike national politics, we are closer to actually being heard-  of course right now we are only being heard because we want to RECALL 2 council members.

Do you attend your local city council meetings?


  1. I was a township board member for 20 plus years. They elected more and more crazies to the board to the point I retired. Things haven't gotten any better and I cannot stomach paying attention anymore. Local politics is where you have influence and I am glad to know someone is paying attention to their local issues. Your description of California is really scary.

    1. IT is scary. I hate to see my state in such decline.

  2. Terrific idea to reduce crime; just rule bad stuff as no longer a crime...problem solved!

    It tales people like you to reverse such a trend.

  3. Anything that reduces crime is a good thing, I have never been to a council meeting in my life and doubt I ever will

  4. I had a dream several years back that I Kung Fu kicked this person who was attacking me. I woke up. Even my subconscious knew I couldn't Kung Fu.

    I hope you get help crime being taken more serious. California and Florida have always been magnets for criminals. Paradise has problems too.

  5. Debby, I think it's great that you attend your city council meetings. I did attend one many years ago, and it was actually on a homeless issue. They were trying to drive out the homeless from a particular area of my town, and I thought it was unfair. I used to do volunteer work and feed the homeless, and I met some nice people along the way.



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