Tuesday, June 13, 2017

THE Neighbors

The next door neighbors - you know the old guy that pounds all day long, just accused our dog of climbing the fence and lunging at him.


Full of energy, Laydee goes above and beyond

Yes, last year, she climbed the fence when the husband was out in front - almost immediately, my husband built a taller fence that she cannot climb.

Old fence / Taller fence

You see, we're up against some prejudice. Laydee is a black lab with some pit bull terrier in her. I told my husband he should never mention that. People do not like pit bulls. It is true, she is standoffish and leery of strangers. She's very protective, which we like. They have 2 little fluffy white and gray dogs - cute as a button. We're big dog people and they are little dog people, so every big dog is fierce and mean. One time, the wife, told me she would have brought me over some tomatoes from her garden, but she is afraid of my dog.

Laydee is a fun dog

I don't need your friggin tomatoes!

She is a cuddler and snuggler

The next-door-neighbor man, whom I shall now call, Bob the Builder, started in at 7 am this morning, pounding and sawing. I try and ignore it because my husband likes him and because they both like to borrow each other's tools. OKAY, I get that. I find, the more I obsess over it, the more it bugs me.

I can see, where small-dog people would think she is bad-ass. 

What I am irritated about, is him trying to blame my dog, who is almost ALWAYS inside with me except for occasional times when she wants to go out, but we never leave her out when we are gone. In the late afternoon, she likes to watch the UPS and FED EX trucks go by. She grabs her ball and shakes it at them.

She always has to have something in her mouth

Okay I admit - when the husband goes to work, I will allow Laydee out in the backyard to bark at him through the fence, as he pounds, and nails, and saws, and sands - and Slams the gate closed so hard, it rattles my living room wall. I say NOTHING.

I do believe my husband now realizes they are gunning for our dog. (His baby) We just have to make sure, she is always where she is supposed to be. As for her occasional barking and growling at him through the fence - TOUGH!


  1. I would prefer Laydee over Bob the Builder as a neighbor any day.

  2. I'm a big-dog woman. Many people in my neighborhood fear Franklin, who couldn't be more mild mannered.


    1. In a way, that can be a good thing - word gets out and burglers won't come near.

  3. She's a good looking dog. I have to admit, pit bulls scare me (not sure how it would be with a pit bull mix). I've had some experience with them when they were a bit aggressive towards our corgi we had at the time (who was attacked 4 times by different dogs, but never a pit bull, but pit bulls would lunge when walking close by him). We did live next door to 2 pit bulls before we moved from Southern California to Arizona. I could hear a bit of growling going on when our corgi was out in the back yard and they were out in their back yard, though a wooden fence separated the two properties. I type medical reports for a living and the majority of dog bite reports I type are from pit bulls (either they attack a family member or bite a family member trying to break up a fight). I do know when we lived in another part of Southern California when the economy was doing bad, people were abandoning their homes and their dogs, lots of pit bulls were strays there, causing havoc. I also hear they make wonderful pets. I just think we have to remember any dog, no matter what breed, is capable of biting and being aware of situations when they might feel threatened, etc. I have had owners yell to me when I was walking our corgi "my dog is friendly" (off leash) only to have the dog be aggressive toward ours. So mindful watching is a good thing, I think.


    1. A pitbull attacked and killed our cat, years ago. The owners paid for our cats vet bill and a few weeks later, the dog ran out and was hit and killed by a car. Karma? I used to not like them, but since living here, seems the owners have been educated and the ones I have come across have been sweet.

      Yes, any dog can bite and I find the meanest little ones can be the itty bitty Chihuahua and yorkies - and dachshunds. I have had chihuahua and a dachshund when I was a kid and they were fierce and my sisters yorkie was a pistol. lol

  4. Yes the words Pit Bull make people think bad things about a dog so unless it shows that the dog has some Pit Bull in it they shouldn't mention it

    1. Yep but then when you want to deter criminal activity it's good information to pull out of the hat!

  5. Most neighbors are always irritated about something. But maybe your neighbor really is afraid of your dog, cause if I heard someone say "Pit Bull" I would run for the hills hahah.

    Hope things get better between all the neighbors, Debby. I have a family member who doesn't care for one of his neighbors, and it can be hard to live with that on an every day basis.


    1. Oh I know it's because my husband shared too much.


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