Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More harping...

Another reason I don't want to go down to the bay area was, the last time I went down earlier this year, for my friends memorial - it was filthy. There were homeless encampments on the sidewalks in tents, in the bushes and trees beside the freeway - EMBARRASSING. And the whole time, brand new shiny expensive cars, zooming past - It wasn't like this when we left in 2008. We could tell, it was starting, but I never thought it would get that bad. It made me sick to see, all that wealth and then all that poverty. Public officials want those tourist dollars so they don't  report how dirty it is. At least they try and keep the tourist traps clean.

Crime is bad as well. They all go after the tourists and sorry, I don't want to get lumped into that and come home a victim. It's EXPENSIVE and I don't want to go in with them on a hotel. Like I said, it's not my vacation. We always plan a getaway in October. This year, we're either going to take a few days to go to Virginia City, Nevada or enjoy the Autumn colors of Yosemite. Last year, we went to Crater Lake, Oregon.

I guess one reason why I keep harping on it is, I am disappointed they never cared to come when I lived 15 minutes from SFO. The City has changed in 9 years. Sure I know where all the sites are - they haven't moved but restaurants have come and gone - I am not able to give recommendations.

Like the husband tells me (because he doesn't want to listen to me) "Let it go - move on."

Okay, I'll do just that!


  1. It amazed me when we lived in the San Diego area and would drive down to downtown San Diego to see all the homeless people there. Tent cities at times along blocks. They seemed to band together and make almost families in their efforts to try to survive. Mostly I felt sorry for it all and wondered how I could help (did some things to help). Here in Phoenix there is the homeless; I wonder what they do to survive the intense heat (actually they gather together if they can money for a metro pass (railway system) and ride it all day to keep in air conditioned places.

    Been to Crater Lake! So very pretty!


  2. I went to Virginia City many years ago. I enjoyed it.

  3. Sometimes it is a bit hard to let it go and move on, we know that it is what we should do but not so easy for us to do but when we can we feel better having done so


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