Friday, June 23, 2017

How do you spell relief?

I shouldn't be feeling so fatigued this early in the summer but our heatwave was brutal. It has wiped me out. I tried not to even think that or say it out loud. We're supposed to start cooling down starting today. But you know how that goes; It's SLOW.

110 today
111 on Sat
105 on Sun
100 on Monday
99 on Tuesday
97 on Wednesday
97 on Thursday

My step-daughter and I were supposed to go swimming in the evening, but just too hot. I heard the water was like bath water, it was wall to wall people and the metal pool handles were scorching. Next week will be enjoyable.

I also have a ton of laundry to do. Those Flex alerts, asking us to conserve - 9am-10pm no washing, drying, dishwashing and to turn our AC to 78. Actually, when it is this HOT, 78 inside is still cool. But shhhhh, don't tell anyone, I set mine at 77.

And to make matters worse - our AC in our van went out again. We had the AC checked in April. I had saved the amount to actually install a new one but they said they fixed the leaks. 2 months later, it has no cooling whatsoever. So, tomorrow the husband will take it back and one way or another, we'll have air.

I belong to that neighborhood watch website called Next-Door and we all watch out for each other. Many reported their AC's went out in their home. Just one of the many "why's" in life...Why does the AC always go out in a heatwave or Why does the furnace go out in a coldsnap???

Relief is on its way.


  1. Those machines have to work so hard in the heat. Ours always breaks around July 4th. I'm hoping we make it through the summer.

    1. They are a necessity

  2. TOO, hot.

  3. We have Next Door here. I like the friendship of the neighborhood and how we do watch out for each other; people report suspicious people, break ins, etc.

    We keep the air conditioner set here at 78. When its 118 outside, those 40 degrees do make a difference!

    I truly do like hot pool water (call me weird). Our pool got up to 93 degrees last year and I was enjoying it. When it dips below 86 degrees, I'm out of it.

    Glad relief is in sight!! We won't see it until end of September, but that is Phoenix for you!


    1. Phoenix is a beautiful place - Keep cool

  4. Oh those numbers are brutal. No wonder you are tired. I hope that you drink water to keep yourself cool. I hope that the AC is working again.
    Love the picture. Take care of yourself.

    1. I carry water with me everywhere I go. It is my beverage of choice.

  5. Stinking hot days and nights drain us and make us feel worn out and exhausted

    1. Stinking is for sure


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