Sunday, June 04, 2017

Hot cheeks and headaches

After my last post, of sick men versus sick women - GUESS WHAT? I've been under the weather and the husband has been the healthy one.

I haven't been sick with germs - like a virus or anything. Just 2 weeks of not feeling up to par. Seasonal allergies and then I injured my left knee to where it was swollen. I guess I worked out too vigorously at the gym. So I went in for a cortisone shot on Friday and then Sat, I had a reaction to the shot where I had these red rosy cheeks that were so hot, I felt like I had a fever. Then it went away! Today I feel normal (whatever that is at age 63)  I remember the last time, I had a shot, I got those hot cheeks that lasted a day. I read where it is one of the side effects for a small minority. Never used to have that happen. My body is changing aging.  Oh, and I had a headache that lasted 36 hours.

So the knee keeps me from using the treadmill and the cycling. No more weight lifting with the legs. Just the arms. Tomorrow I start my summer swimming/water aerobics which is no impact and comes at a good time.

I've also been just a tad down - Don't know why because I'm happy and all is well. I tend to overthink things and lately been thinking about my childhood family, that is gone now. Miss my sister, so much. She took with her, everything she knows about me. I don't know - it's part of life but the yucky part that you have to deal with, as you get older.

Weather's been actually cooler than normal - Usually, by now, we're in the low 100's. Only the 90's and we may get some sprinkles this week, which is unheard of, this time of year in California's valley.

I still have that headache, so I can't think too good right now. Just wanted to poke my head in, to say Hi and make an update and then get back into the swing of things.

Here's a video my son just took yesterday- on his hike up to the high country. We haven't seen water like this in California in YEARS. Beautiful sight. And YES, there is still snow in the higher elevations.


  1. We had like four days of winter this past year. So the bugs are out in force. Gnats start up early in the day. I hate being sick. It is a rude awakening in your 60s with the crap your body will do. But we're still here which is good.

  2. Beautiful video! Sending prayers for a total healing of your knee and a lift for your spirit.
    Visit me @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead. 😉

  3. Hope you feel better today. After menopause I started to get migraines and some days I thought they would never go away.

  4. Headaches suck they are terrible can make us feel just awful, I am one of those people who suffer from far to many headaches

  5. I get like that sometimes with the blues. And for some reason I've had it a bit lately too! Hope your knee is feeling better. I am 66 so I know what you are talking about with our aging!!


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