Sunday, June 11, 2017

Crime spree

My goodness - I don't know what the heck happened, but our town got hit this weekend with a spree of crime - breaking into vehicles and stealing cars.

I didn't find out about it until this morning when we were at the Veterans Home. My husband is a volunteer Chaplain and has been giving the Sunday sermons since May. Today was his last day. While there I saw my son, who also works there. He told me Friday his truck was broken into- they stole his State ID work badge to get into the Veteran Home, as well as keys. They stole some change, CD's, and jimmied his glove compartment and damaged it. After that, the thieves broke into other vehicles in the same area and lastly, they stole a car - leaving behind on the ground, my son's work ID badge with his picture on it.

The owner of said vehicle assumed that the work badge was from one of the thieves and smeared my son's picture all over social media. Next thing, the police come to the Veterans Home to call on my son. Fortunately, the police did not believe that my son was the thief!

He was pretty upset about it because he's an introvert like me - doesn't like attention called on him; especially negative attention with angry people wanting to tar and feather him. He's supposed to go on a one-week backpacking/hiking trip - leaving tomorrow. He feels uneasy but the police have cleared him. I think it's the fact, that some are still sharing his picture without knowing that he also was a victim.

On our way home, husband and I were talking about it. I asked him if he locked the van door the other night. He tends to forget. Sure enough, he admitted, he had left one side unlocked. We checked and our garage door opener was gone! I know, I know, we should NEVER leave it in the car unless we are parked in the garage. I wish we could park it in the garage but husband's tools are spread all over. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So no biggie. He just changed the codes. They can try to get in, but it won't work.

As for Navy - the police gave him back his security badge but the keys are gone. The crooks, won't be able to get into the Cal Vet property unless they have a reason- although they could hop a fence or tailgate a vehicle, as they drive in. Security will have to be diligent in keeping an eye out for these culprits.

The police can't really do anything about it. It's up to the citizenry to report the crime and many do not. All they ask of us is to make sure we leave no valuables in the vehicles and to make sure windows are rolled up and it's LOCKED! Grand Theft in California is what they refer to as a wobbler  - meaning it is neither a felony or a misdemeanor. Each situation is different.

Even if they find them, and arrest them - they are usually out within hours - free to do the crime again and again. It's crazy.


  1. Out in hours! That is crazy, and scary.

  2. So sorry for the increase of crime in your town/neighborhood. Hard when it hits home and impacts those you love. Glad your son was cleared by the police. Thankfully we have been so fortunate as far as break ins etc. Years ago had our van broken into only to get a bag in there that contained my daughter's foot brace and some toys to play in the sand. Son's Cadillac was broken in one time, nothing stolen. I think the thieves wanted the car but couldn't get it for one way or the other. We fixed the damage and parked the car in the garage. We have one vehicle in the garage; another out in the driveway presently. We lock both plus all inside doors with double locks or security doors. I hope it is enough.


  3. That's pretty scary. It is a shame that so many jump to conclusions and then post everything on the internet. I used to get tons of misinformation from friends in emails until I started directing them to and pointed out their errors.

  4. How terrible for your son and all involved when people jump to conclusions they are so often wrong


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