Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Today is the day

We go in soon, for my husbands "procedure".  He is more nervous about it than I am-  because it is happening to him. Plus they make an incision. They say, he has to be off work for at least 48 hours after. No bending and lifting. OUCH if he does.

I don't know how long it will take to get the results. I would imagine, it shouldn't take that long. His options will be:

1. medications
2. Stents
3. Bypass surgery

We've both been feeling a little bummy since we got the word - we both just never thought he would start having these heart issues until maybe 65 - He's 60. It just means like I said - we are being ushered into a new season. The GETTING OLD season. 

During the A-Z challenge, I worked heavily on my genealogy and the blog I created to get it all written down. It is a passionate hobby of mine. While I am doing it, I am conscious of the fact, one day, I will be searched for - and as I discovered old photos, of my grandparents, their parents and kids and cousins - on Ancestry - I saw how we all are young and beautiful ONCE and then we get old and ugly. Well - it's the truth!  

2016 was such a good year for us - and now this. A good friend of ours, was traveling and had bad angina pains and had to go into the hospital for the same procedure. He has to have several bypasses when he gets back to California. (They were in Missouri) Misery loves company.

Which brings me to the fact that my dad died of heart disease and my 25-year-old son, died of an undiagnosed heart condition. I guess I shouldn't wait around, for my doctor to "suggest" I get a heart check-up. I have to be my own advocate. I will look into that, after all of this with my husband.

Off, we go...into our new reality.


  1. Thinking of you!

  2. I don't have much pull, but I put in a word via prayer anyway.

  3. Finding something earlier often just means more can be done to avert more serious issues later on. Haven't you heard!? Ninety-two is the new seventy-five! 😉
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. If he has a stent installed, he'll feel much better in a matter of days. They've come a really long way in treatment of heart disease. Hope all turns out well today!

  5. Hope everything went well with your husband and his procedure. Definitely with your family history, I would encourage you to get checked out sooner than later;you just never know.


  6. I hope all goes well for you. My B-I-L goes to rehab today and they are telling him it may be six months before he is back to 'normal'. We all have to be our own best advocates. If I hadn't kept nagging my doctor, who knows how long it would have taken them to discover that my kidney had stopped functioning or that I had an infection after the surgery. Get yourself in and get yourself tested.

  7. I've missed a lot, haven't I? I hope all goes as well as possible for your husband.

    1. Thanks Ruth. Well you have had your own worries etc.

  8. You just never know. And it certainly wasn't written on any planner that since January, six of my family members (including myself) would have major medical issues. Some appeared as mystery stains on a cherished old chair, others as an already wobbly arm. Best we can do, I think, is to repair and refurbish that which we can't part with. Be strong, be well and very best wishes to you and your husband.


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