Friday, May 05, 2017

#Friday Five - Practicing Gratitude

It is late Friday afternoon - and I have finally been able to sit down - to relax and read. Over at smidgens bits and snippets Paula was doing this Friday Five and I thought, since we've had quite a week, I would join in. This Friday it is about Practicing Gratitude.

When things are going well we sometimes, forget to show gratitude. It's not that we don't care, we just get caught up in the wonderful moments of life and the present and just plain - forget. This week, started off a bit dull. We were not terribly worried, but we just didn't feel right - because my husband had to get a cardiac catheterization  - his first (hopefully his last)

1. We are tickled pink, that the test went well and he won't be needing any surgery; just medications. We both feel so relieved and light. Even though we could of and would have handled it if the news was otherwise, we're just happy that is turned out to be a fairly simple fix. I am grateful for today's technology. Amazing, they can take pictures of your heart. I still am in awe.

2. Sometimes when you are confronted with your own mortality or someone you love- you naturally start thinking about things- you normally wouldn't. That necessarily isn't a morbid or bad thing. It made us, both decided we have waited too long to make out our wills and our burial plans. His dad will be 91 in a couple of weeks and we have everything set for him.I guess we just wanted to take a couple of years off - before tackling all of that for us. So I am grateful, that we saw what needs to be done and that we need to prepare.

3. In the midst of all of this, my van had no working AC. It went out a few months ago. We've had mid 90-degree temps and driving in that HOT van was...HOT! I'm grateful for that substantial tax refund that we received so that we could pay for a new AC in cash.

4. The good news was- the AC compressor was fine and for a lot less, we had it fixed.

5. Finally, I am just grateful for everything I have and even the life I have led. I'm coming up, on Monday, May 8, the 14th anniversary of my first born son's death. It was a hard road to get to where I am today. I am grateful I did not get lost in the grief. I try, on that day, instead of remembering the sadness (which I admit can be very hard) to try and remember the good times and how grateful I am, that I was able to have him as my son, for 25 wonderful years.

PS. So far, Miss Buster, my renal cat is doing well. She eats this special food in smaller portions, several times a day. She has brought so much happiness to me, in her 17 years, making her final weeks or months pleasurable is the least I can do for my old feline friend.


  1. I am so glad that you chose to participate too! And you have much to be grateful for. I know that we all do! I'll be thinking of you on Monday! A hard day I am sure. I can't even imagine!! Hugs to you my friend

  2. This is a special post today, Debby. I heard one time that grateful people are the happiest people, and I think that's true. Thinking of you tonight with the son that you lost. Glad you got your AC fixed in your van because it's getting warmer every day.

    Have a relaxing weekend.


  3. Again, so glad the testing was very favorable for your husband with good results. I am sorry about the sad anniversary of your son's passing, but I think your choice on what to do for the day is a good one and to be grateful for the time you had with him and the memories you have of him.

    Good idea too with wills, burial plans, etc. That's on our list to do this year (like it was last year, maybe this year we will get around to it). My mom had a prepaid burial plan and it just made it so much easier when she passed as far as arrangements, etc. Its inevitable we're all going that way, so better to be prepared about it.

    Glad you got enough of a tax refund and then some to get the AC fixed! Essential in the temps it can be over summer months!


  4. It is very hard to lose a child, but I am glad that you were able to focus on what you had and not what you lost. I know many people who get stuck in the 'woe is me' and fail to get on with living, which is only damaging their own health. We all have something to be grateful for.

  5. Counting your blessings is the better way to look at the world. I need to make arrangements for myself which is a gruesome task.

  6. A lot to be thankful for! Aren't we funny creatures!? Forgetting to be thankful in the good times, and letting the bad times blind us to our blessings. I thank God you made it to a place you can remember your son with warm fondness instead of heartbreak.
    My Reflections post is up @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead.


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