Tuesday, May 09, 2017

#A-Z challenge - Reflection

This year, I was smart -I had all my posts prepared and scheduled to go- That was so nice for me. I could visit other blogs, and make comments.

I enjoyed it but I am always happy to see the next month. It sure makes April go by fast. Toward the middle of April, I kept forgetting to add my link to the list. No biggie. It all worked out.

I met some nice bloggers and learned a few things, I did not know. There is a lot of talent out there.

One blog I was amused by was John David Frain - a crime fiction. He took the April A-Z challenge and every day, Frain would die a horrible death - each day in a new way.

Barbara at Life and Faith in Caneyhead - real life, real stories, real blog. Always a good read.

Dorky Mom Doodles was awesome. A dorky doodle every day in April.

The Academy Award Project.


and there were much more that I am too lazy to list right now.  As there is every year, there were some who started out doing well and for whatever reason totally dropped out.

Will I do it again next year? Maybe. I usually make my decision around Feb.

If you've never done it before- try it. You have to try it at least once. You get to meet and follow new blogs and make new blogger friends, which is always a treat. That's really why I do it.


  1. I loved Dorky Mom Doodles too! This year was very different for me, as I usually prepare ahead of time and write my posts a week in advance. I didn't do that this year, and ended up feeling very overwhelmed! Great reflections post :)

    1. Thanks and I forgot to add you with your Hot Men...pretty funny stuff/.

  2. I think we "met" through one of the A/Z challenges. It is fun to do. My heart wasn't in it this year due to family things going on. We'll see about next year. It is definitely a good way to meet fellow bloggers.


  3. We made it! By the last week I am always dragging, but happy. This is the third time I've heard Frain mentioned, suppose I really need to check that out. Thank you for the kind words!
    My Reflections post is up @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead.

    1. Oh yeah, Frain was pretty funny.


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