Sunday, April 16, 2017

More rain

It's Easter afternoon, and I am by myself.  The house is quiet - The husband just left for work (he works S-Thurs 4 pm to midnight) It's just another day. We did attend services this morning at our church.

This is the first Easter, I have not had the family over. I just didn't want to cook or entertain. Or clean the house AGAIN. It is STILL raining here in California. OMG - I've had it. It's making me lazy and sleepy. My body aches more when it is dark and dreary out. Yesterday we forced ourselves to get out - we went to the Tractor Supply Store just so I could see the baby chicks. So cute. I wanted to suck face with them. Afterward, we went to pick up my 90 yr old FIL at the Veterans Home. Went to lunch and then we took him to a seed store so he could plant some veggies. Then we came home and took a nap.

I still felt sapped after the nap.

Even my inside cat, Miss Susie looks like she is BORED.  Oh, and the day before we took our black lab, Laydee to an off-leash park - she had a blast.

So no leftover ham sandwiches for me, this year. I did get a lemon meringue pie, in memory of my mom's 83rd birthday. I felt sad, too. It's just this darn weather.

PS. Taxes were done! Refund on its way.


  1. Those baby chicks sound cute. Easter is more than just another day, my friend. So much more.


    ps the laughing Jesus drawing was at my friend's office, who works at
    my church. It was so unusual and I'm glad she gave it to me. : )

  2. Sunshine is sure to be on the way soon.

  3. Tax refund is good. I made too many deviled eggs. Enough to feed begging dogs. No dogs were fed, everyone ate them up. But we don't make too big a fuss with holidays. I hope you feel better.

  4. Yea refund is on the way!!! After not being able to get a conclusive answer from son what he was doing for the holiday and trying to plan something together with him, hubby and me decided to do our own thing. Planned our menu, got our supplies needed. Got a text from son this morning at 10:23 saying they were barbequing and we could join them for dinner, LOL. Decided to stick with our plans, which in a way I was glad because they never eat on time (sometimes 1-2 hours later than planned). We still had some leftovers and it was nice to celebrate quietly. Good sermon and worship at church today, so all in all it was GREAT Easter day.


  5. This rainy weather here is playing havoc with my old broken bones and arthritis in my foot. No sooner does the yard start to dry that it rains again. I have leftovers from yesterday's dinner - roast pork sandwiches for lunch today. Feel better.

  6. That first one-- HAHAHAHA!

  7. Rain is good too much rain is annoying, storms can be nice but can also be destructive we humans are never happy are we


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