Friday, April 21, 2017

#AtoZChallenge Rock and Roll

Now this is an area, my baby-boomer PRIDE shows through. We had the BEST music that still lives on. While the cultural beginnings, probably took place between the mid 40's to the 50's, those early rock and roll legends, inspired a generation of GREATS!

My mom was 19 when she had me and so I remember watching my mom and dad dance and listen to the 50's rock and roll. My mom used to fold clothes, while watching early American Bandstand. The 50's grew into the 60's and then, my own brand of music hit the shores of America.

The British Invasion. I was in the 4th grade. I don't even remember what we were listening to before the Beatles. One of my friends, came running across the field, with her transistor radio - wanting us all to hear this new music. Thinking about it now, I don't get it. But back then, hearing them for the first time, was almost like a spiritual moment. Maybe because up to that point, I was still listening to what my mom and dad were listening to. Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Drifters, Connie Francis, Bill Haley and the Comets, Doris Day, Brenda Lee and Frank Sinatra. We all could tell immediately. THIS WAS OUR MUSIC!

My mom and dad, did not like the Beatles at first, but they eventually did and when they did, I was on to the Rolling Stones.

I lived on the pacific coast so the big group for us, was the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean. All the guys at school, who started groups, started out with a beach sound, like the beach boys. My next door neighbor, was a drummer for a local group called the Poorboys. They each wore a matching poorboy sweater. Anyone remember those? It was a ribbed lightweight knit shirt or pullover.

Living just 14.2 from the Haight Ashbury, the hippie invasion, invaded our beaches and our local culture, and that meant the music, too.

I cut school for the first time, when I was in the 7th grade. We went to a boys house, whose Mom worked and he was in high school. There I smoked pot and drank colt-45 and listened to Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit and Somebody to Love. To this day, when I hear the originals, it totally takes me back.

I could go on and on - I gave my parents their gray hair during those times. We just lived too close for it not to affect us. I remember one time, my mom was upset with me, my loud music, and the constant fragrance of my patchouli incense, coming out of my room - she had it with me.

Mom: "Okay, you want to be a hippie? You want to drop out?"
Me: Yeah
Mom: Okay then, we are a family. Don't you think your dad would love to just drop out,not work anymore? 
Me: (thinking)

Mom: We'll ALL drop out. We'll all be hippies. Your dad, me, your sister. We'll just lay on the beach all day, listening to music, have no cares - "
Me: (thinking, oh crap - how embarrassing having my whole family to hang with - this is NOT what I want.)

Dad comes home from work. I'm in my bedroom, with a sick stomach - Mom sounded really convincing. Next thing, they both call me out of the room.

Dad: Your Mama tells me, that we ALL are going to drop out.
Little sister giggling and acting annoying like most little sisters. She is in on the joke.
Dad: Just want you to know, we'll have to sell the house - we'll all be sleeping on the same bed  and ...

Me: OKAY I get it. Just STOP!!!! As I ran into my room, slamming the door - crying - and turning on my Jimi Hendrix, Are you Experienced Album.

They just didn't understand me.

1959 Events & Facts MAJOR EVENTS: 
Fidel Castro’s forces victorious in Cuban revolution
Alaska and Hawaii become U.S. states
U.S. and Canada complete St. Lawrence Seaway
Vice President Richard Nixon engages Soviet leader Khrushchev in an informal "kitchen debate" at a Moscow trade show where U.S. kitchen appliances are on exhibit

EVERYDAY LIFE: Studies determine that more Americans have died in auto accidents than in all U.S. wars combined
Playboy magazine debuts, featuring Marilyn Monroe as its first centerfold
Toy manufacturer Wham-O introduces the "Frisbee"


  1. Music changes and evolves from generation to generation. I like it all, though I don;t get most RAP, but to me the music of the 60's and 70's was the best as well.

    "Are You Experienced" was the best album ever. I play it on CD in my car still.

  2. Now I'm sure you see your mom's logic with how she presented it that everyone dropped out, but as an angst youngster I too would have been mortified like you were. I remember it was 1964 and the Beatles were coming into their popularity. My brother liked their music. He went to the store to get one of their 45's (I don't remember which one) and he was late for dinner. My mom had a FIT about it all. I think it was more that he was late for dinner than the actual music because I remember a few years later she always had the radio on when she was at home doing chores, working on her crafts, etc., and she always had a modern station on; I remember hearing a lot of Rod Stewart with Maggie May and other popular songs in the early 1970s. To this day I can still remember the lyrics of a lot of the music from the 1960s to 1970s.


  3. I went to a conference in San Francisco in the late 90's and Jefferson Airplane, by then Jefferson Starship, were the performers at an event. I wanted to stay and listen but my friends all wanted to go and sit in a bar and talk. I was royally p----.

  4. Thanks for sharing your memories of that time!

    1. and thank you for your comments.

  5. I was never a fan of the Beatles liked some of their songs though

    1. I eventually grew out of them, but they were like a shoe in, for other groups to come along

  6. Are you sure that was your mom? It sounded like my mom. Not the hippie argument; but I recognize the accusation with wild solution. lol

  7. I never revolted. I would get my back up about what I considered to be unfair treatment of someone. Try to take up for the underdog kind of thing.

    As a younger child, once I was so mad because I had got in trouble with my parents. Don't remember why. I decided I'd runaway. I'd show them. Packed my little bag and set out. They took it all way to calmly. I went to the edge of our property and sat behind a huge oak tree. Seemed like hours went by. Finally, I saw they cared so little they were not going to come after me, saying don't go, we are sorry. I trudged back to the house. Everything just as usual. About fifteen years later, I understood and knew what they had done.😉

    1. That's a good way to deal with it.


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