Tuesday, April 18, 2017

#AtoZChallenge Oral Contraceptives

Back then, it was known as THE PILL.

After the baby-boom, was there any wonder, that something HAD to be done?  The baby-boom didn't just happen in the US. The first pill was introduced in 1960.

France 1946–1974
United Kingdom 1946–1974
Finland 1945–1950
Germany 1955-1967
Sweden 1946–1952
Denmark 1946–1950
Netherlands 1946–1972
Ireland 1946–1982
Hungary 1946-1957
Iceland 1946–1969
New Zealand 1946–1961
Australia 1946–1961
Japan 1947–1949

Family size increased -  the average woman bore 3.09 children in 1950 which increased to 3.65 children per family in 1960; the peak was in 1957, when the figure stood at 3.77. Most women became pregnant with their first child within seven months of their wedding;  between 1940 and 1960, the number of families with three children doubled and the number of families having a fourth child quadrupled.

My folks had 2 daughters - and my dad had 1 son. We were considered a small family. Most of my friends, back then had a minimum of 4 kids. One family I knew had 10.

In a landmark decision, GRISWOLD V. CONNECTICUT (1965), the Supreme Court ruled such laws were unconstitutional. Setting a precedent, the Court determined that a fundamental right to privacy exists between the lines of the Constitution. Laws prohibiting contraceptive choice violated this sacred right. The ban of prohibitive laws was extended to unmarried couples in EISENSTADT V. BAIRD (1972). A federal judge imparted the right to purchase contraceptives to unmarried minors in 1974.

Top Songs of 1956

1."Memories Are Made of This" ... Dean Martin
2."Rock and Roll Waltz" ... Kay Starr
3."Lisbon Antigua" ... Nelson Riddle
4."Poor People of Paris" ... Les Baxter
5."Heartbreak Hotel" ... Elvis Presley
6."The Wayward Wind" ... Gogi Grant
7."I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" ... Elvis Presley
8."My Prayer" ... The Platters
9."Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog" ... Elvis Presley
10."Love Me Tender" ... Elvis Presley

Top Movies of 1956
1. Guys and Dolls -
 2. The King and I
3. Trapeze
4. High Society
5. I'll Cry Tomorrow
6. Picnic
7. War and Peace
8. The Eddy Duchin Story
9. Moby Dick
10. The Searchers


  1. I was not aware of (or simply forgot) any laws restricting the sale of "The Pill." I wonder if they would have tried to make Viagra illegal.

    1. HA, no in a man's worlds, viagra would never be illegal

  2. I too blacked out the fact that the pill was restricted by law. I also did not realize that the baby boom was so widespread. My parents only had two children. They were Catholic and practiced birth control in the 50's. My mother was told by the priest not to come back to church until she got pregnant again. She never returned until after my father died in the late 80's.

    1. Wow. My parents were heathens...:-) We didn't observe any religion.


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