Monday, March 13, 2017

Warm weekend- daylight savings

It was a warm weekend - into the mid 80's, and when you're not used to it, it's HOT. Especially when I haven't brought out all my summer clothes. Well, "brought out" makes it seem like I have them packed away - no, all I really have to do, is go into the back bedroom (we haven't designated what it shall be yet) and go into the closet. It's more than just that - I need to look at them, decide if I like them anymore. We're coming off winter - I 've gained a few pounds, and it is traumatic to try them on to find out, they either get put back for the thinner days or donated.

As I get older, my style changes. It has to - to accommodate my ever aging bod. I start out rather conservative with my summer wear but by mid-July, and we're living in 110, I throw that caution to the wind, and wear whatever my sweaty body feels comfortable in. - -  I have long, thick hair. I don't wear it down anymore. TOO HOT! Buns and braids are fine, but later on, a ponytail will have to suffice. Every summer, I threaten to cut off my mane. The truth is, I would be disappointed if I did - I want to donate my hair, to children with cancer so they can have wigs. It always gets to my waist, and I drastically trim it. I have to grow it longer than my waist.

I can't wait, till I can one day, enjoy a short, curly, grandma haircut.


I enjoy the time change - for me, it means, summer and longer days of outside sitting. It hasn't physically bothered me yet - I see benefits for both. I just read this from a local realtor:

"The difference an hour makes; As we adjust our clocks for daylight savings time, and spring forward, let's look at what happens every hour in the housing market, in the United States. 649 homes are sold, 177 homes regain equity (meaning they are no longer underwater on their mortgage), and the median home price rises $1.86!"



  1. The local realtor is full of it. End DST, stop the madness!

  2. My little brother did that! He had very long hippy hair, no dye or perms, and when he cut it he donated it to lock of love. Um...though, he joked that now the kids not only had to deal with Cancer, but also prematurely gray hair. ;-)

    Enjoy yours while you can. Someone will be glad to get it. God bless you!

  3. Debby, I loved this post, and that's special that you want to donate your hair to children. I also have long curly hair and don't wear it down any more - just like you said, "too hot!" (and it seems to bother me while I'm doing things too, so I swoop it up). I have been going through my clothes also, and think to myself, "will I ever even wear this again?" hahaha


    ps you mentioned short curly grandma haircut, but since my hair is curly, if I cut it, I think it would balloon out like a clown. Not
    sure if yours would do that also. : )

    1. true and the short curly haircut.

  4. I have really thick hair like my mom did. It drove her crazy in the hot weather to have the air on her neck, causing more heat. I picked up that trait of hers so if my hair is longer than that, it has to be pulled into a pony tail, etc. I need a cut to get me through the hot days ahead. Since I'm in Arizona, they don't do DST. Its a good thing regardless of what that realtor said (how much Koolaid has she been drinking?) It was high 80s into the low 90s here and scheduled like that for the next week. I hear it is 10-20 degrees above average. I was hoping more days without having to run the air conditioner. I was wrong.


    1. Hair and boobs are a problem in HOT weather.

  5. Daylight savings comes to an end here on the 2nd April, I like it but by the end of it I am glad to see it end


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