Friday, March 10, 2017

Town hall meetings

My US Congressman has these telephone town hall meetings- they call and you can join in. TALK about entertaining!  Especially these days. 

Poor guy - people don't understand, he represents our district in Washington. People keep complaining about state legislation - and he has to tell them, to let Sacramento know about State issues like the high speed Bullet train, our Governor wants to build.   I loved all of "that" in high school, so I soaked it up like a sponge. Now granted, my sponge is getting old and drying out (that doesn't sound too good) but it does come back to you.

The Callers:

We get calls from the elderly - They keep asking, him, "Are you still there?" They waste a lot of time, asking that question, over and over again. I feel bad for them.

Then you get the ones, that have an agenda - they have their script written down and they drone on like a robot. Then when he asks a question,  they hem and haw and get totally thrown off.

There's the man that calls in and is just mad. He makes no sense because he is as mad as hell and he isn't going to take it anymore and he wants to argue. I cringe, when those types come on.

Then there is me -  I don't ask anything.

Many are concerned about their medical - I feel for them. One gal said she pays $2000 a month for her medical and has a $1500 deductible. They are seniors. Man, that is just crazy. I could not afford that. My husband and I so far, are blessed. He is still working, and has a small amount taken out of his check a month. Plus he uses his Veterans, since he is retired. For me, I am on, TriWest from the DOD. I do not pay a monthly premium. But I do pay more out of pocket. It all levels out. When I am 65, they automatically transfer me to TriCare for Life. and then of course MediCare. (which I know nothing about.)

I have to straighten up my house - for company tonight. We'll have about 12 people coming over. Saturday I will CRASH.


  1. I can only imagine the calls!

  2. Oh my gosh, $2,000 a mo. for medical? That's a high amount!! I really feel for the elderly too. I think it's great that you go to the town hall meetings. I haven't been to one in years. Love that picture of the girl on the phone.

    by the way, I have two boxes of stuff - one with my mom and dad's things, and one with my kid's things. Yes, I think you'd like to go through your stuff and scale down. I did that with my Christmas stuff, and it's a great feeling to just keep a few sentimental items that you treasure. : )

    1. it's ALL sentimental though....

  3. Hope you enjoyed your company tonight!! The insurance dilemma is indeed a dilemma. I'm covered at my work with minimal premiums, hubby is covered at his work with minimum premiums. To cover each other on our work policies would be prohibitive and not cost effective. So when he retires before me, as he is older than me, I'll need to continue my coverage while he branches out with Medicare, etc. Seems like there should be an easy process. Maybe one day there will be. Hopefully in our lifetime.


    1. The medical situation is a mess

  4. I would love to listen in on the calls because I am nosy


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