Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring is just around the bend

panning for gold

Supposed to rain sometime today. - No major storm, just a spring rain. I hope we are done, with our rainy season. From late October to the end of March is our official rainy season. Although, we will get some rain as late as early June. It is unusual for us, to have rain in the summer months. When we do, they are warm and come from way out in the Pacific, around the Hawaiian Islands rather than our winter storms, which come from Alaska. The only issue now will be the melting of the snowpack, which results in high rivers and flooding. Great for white water river rafting!  Not me anymore.

I love weather! It has always been of interest to me - I got it from my Dad. My sons, also, are "into" weather. One of my favorite historical books, UP and Down California, is a journal written by William Henry Brewer who was an American botanist. He worked on the first California Geological Survey and while on that survey, kept an in-depth diary of his travel, up and down California during 1860-1864. The people, the climate, his first impressions...I always have to smile, when he mentions, coming through, where I live today. The Northern Central Valley - unbearable HOT and DRY.  We enjoy a HOT Mediterranean climate. Back in 1862 - the time he was here, was California's Central Valley historic flood.

Looking at all the trees, they look healthier than I have seen in a few years. The spring grasses, are growing fast and high. We haven't mowed our back yet because the ground is still soggy like a marsh. I sure hope that we are out of the drought cycle for a few years.

A good place to find gold. 

They are saying, because of the drought and then followed by the heavy winter rains, we'll be having a small gold rush. That is totally, on our "to do" list this summer. I have a friend, whose family owns a gold claim. It's been in her family for 3generations. Gold claims are hard to get. You have to go through BLM and because a good one, gets passed down within a family. We've been trying to get one - just not too far away.

California flooding has exposed gold veins hidden for 200 years


  1. I would love to do that pan for gold thing. Years ago (I was 7) In the LA area we used to visit an old gold mine as a cub-scout thing. One year we went somewhere that you could pan for gold. I had a small capsule with the gold I recovered, they said it was about 15 cents worth. Have no idea what happened to it, probably would be worth over $5 today!

    1. Put it on your bucket list and do it.

  2. I always learn something new when I come over and visit, Debby. Didn't hear about the small gold rush. But I don't live too far from the area that was buzzing with the gold rush back in the day. ; ) Have visited it a couple times before.


    1. You are living outside california now, right?


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