Friday, March 24, 2017

Rainy days and Genealogy

I found this deep dark family secret from Genealogy. This was my GGgrandfather. 

Who does Genealogy as a part-time hobby?  Yeah me neither - it's a full-time hobby with me. Especially lately. It's terrible. I forget to eat, I don't want to do anything - I even dream about all my ancestors. It drives the husband crazy.

He planted 2 redwood trees in the backyard, in the rain. Laydee, our black lab, loved it. Me? I'm working on the family tree. I started a blog just so I could keep it all in order and share my thoughts. So if, something happens to me, it's all on a blog.

Rooted by Blood, DNA and a lot of BS

I figured I might as well share the BS stories, the family told throughout my growing up years. Now that I am finding out, there was no truth to them at all. Like, my grandfather was a wing walker and Grandma was a Cherokee and adopted by a white family. Oral family stories are not gospel truth - okay so if some in the family want to believe it, then that is on them, just don't keep spreading the LIE. Many in my family, want to live in denial. I'm not one of them.

Tomorrow evening, all the kids are coming over for dinner. Navy's girlfriend, I call her Sweetie but am changing that blog nickname to Nurse. Anyway, she is LDS and very into Genealogy and it just got me interested in it again - time to spring clean my tree. I learned in LDS, it is a holy ordinance to want to know about your ancestors. I'm not LDS but it's can't be bad, either. That is just me - I have an investigative, inquiring mind and I NEED to know.

Anyway, I am enjoying it - the weather is still wet and dreary.


  1. My oldest ancestor came from a rib I've been told.

  2. Hubby's parents both claimed Native American in their ancestry. Hubby's brother had his DNA analyzed through one of those companies that did it and guess what? Not a drop of Native American. Have no idea what that means, but it was funny to see that after they both "swore" there was Native American blood on both sides. I had an aunt who did a lot of things trying to piece together the family tree. I appreciate what she did, but when she passed, no one took over the research she did. I am thinking when I pass, son will mourn, depending on the age of the grand, he may mourn, but shortly thereafter I'll not be remembered much. I think a lot of us are like that, sad, but true.


  3. Laughing, same thing about family stories was true for me. I look Indian. We had the family stories. When I was young and as an adult, I've had comments about being dark. It usually starts with someone telling me they have Indian ancestry or they love Indians. Then boom DNA, my dark coloring comes from Great Britain, Scandinavia, Ireland, and Germany. I was surprised I was not more mixed, all four sides of my family trace back to the 1600's.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the note, that is very sad. It sounds like you are on your way discovering all kinds of things about your ancestors in this Genealogy journey you're on. Good luck!


  5. My ex-husband told a lot of family stories. Then my daughter started researching her ancestors. Every story he told was wrong, and it's not because someone told him untruths. It's because he can't keep anything straight in his addled brain. The article about your great-grandfather is sad. Did you already know how he died or was it such a family secret that you had no idea?


    1. Janie, it was a family secret


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