Thursday, March 09, 2017

For those I love

I made these!

Without going into a long story - every year, I make these special cookies called Hamentaschen. It is a filled pocket cookie or pastry recognizable for its triangular shape. I do this for my husband.

About every other year, we have friends over, and I serve these delicious cookies. These are killer cookies, with a cup of coffee.

They are a lot of work. I wish somewhere, there was a bakery, who baked these - none here. Only in bigger cities with a large Jewish population. They taste better homemade and fresh.

I also have to clean or straighten the house, for guests.  The things, you do for the people you love...

Here are my posts from my other blog with photos (recipe included) I go back to this recipe over and over.

Hamantaschen - the dough

Hamantaschen - the apricot filling

Hamantaschen - the finished product


  1. These cookies look Yummy, Debby. Never heard of them before. Are they a Jewish recipe? Have a nice time with your guests. Lots of work getting things done before.


    1. Yes, a ashkenazi (eastern european) jewish recipe for Purim.

  2. look delicious!



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