Tuesday, March 14, 2017

DST and crabby husbands

OMG-  yesterday the husband was a crab. I could hardly stand him. I finally had to take off and do my errands. It was like everything I did or said, he took personally, saying I was doing it to bug him or "my timing was off." What the heck does that mean? I'm blaming it on DST and the fact he works 4 pm to midnight. He needed to sleep in a bit, in the morning but didn't. What? I am to blame for that, too?

He's usually a pretty nice guy. When he does get this way, I call it,  MMS. Male Mood Swings. They get that when they get old because they can't do all that they used to. They keep trying, though. - And they get mad.  Then they want to blame everyone else for their shortcomings. You know, the reason why he did something jerky is that he thinks what I said, was meant to make him crabby.  In other words, he thinks he can read my mind. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrowl. That's when it is time to do errands. 

So all of the above got our week off to a rough start.

I think it's taxes, too. And the AC in my van died. The compressor won't do its job.

I guess everyone is entitled to get into a bad mood. At least when I get in one, I tell people before hand.


  1. That never happens to me...dammit it doesn't!! DON"T KNOW WHY YOU WOMEN ALWAYS SAY STUFF LIKE THAT!!!

  2. LOL! Oh how I don't miss the MMS's of my life!

  3. We also had a full moon over the weekend. That was just too much to try to compensate for, the full moon, DST, taxes, broken air conditioners in cars, etc. I bet your husband will be his "cheery" self soon!


  4. I so get this Tim has times when he is a moody over sensitive sod


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