Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A-Z is coming and I'm done

I am feeling FINE. I have all my posts ready and scheduled to go out. What a good feeling of accomplishment.

Now with the whole month of April, done - what will I do with myself, with all my free time? Well for one, we still have our taxes to do.

And I will enjoying reading and commenting on other blog posts - making new blog friends.

If you don't know what the A-Z Blog challenge is, you can read about it here. Give it a try. One year, I flaked out so don't feel bad if you can't complete it. Life is too short to get stressed out. TRY IT. You might be surprised how fun it is. This is the first year, I didn't wing it, every day. THAT was stressful. Anyway, I hope you will consider it.


  1. "...we still have our taxes to do."


  2. Good for you for getting A/Z done. It is always a good feeling to have them done and then enjoy visiting other blogs during the month. I'm not participating in it this year, but will read your entries as I have time. I've made some great blog friends through the challenge :)

    Have fun with it!


  3. I did my taxes in February. I was so organized this year I even surprised myself. My A to Z posts are done too. Now I just have to read, read, read.

    1. I love being organized. This year we were off....

  4. All your posts done. What a beautiful sound. I had tried to do the same... but life haven't cooperated much. I still think I can do it ;-)
    Have a fantastic challenge!

  5. wow, you create your posts and schedule them for the whole month? I create one about every three days, and I usually wing it - with a little thought and picture taking in between. :)

    Good for you, that's really organized.


    1. I used to do it your way...this is the first time I decided to schedule them ahead of time - that way I can visit other blogs and make new blog friends.


Comments are good - I admit, sometimes I don't respond back, in time for a dialog. I bad! I will TRY and do better. Thanks for understanding.

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