Monday, February 06, 2017


I'm late today posting - the husband had to go to Mather AFB near Sacramento to have a test on his heart. They inject him with a chemical that tricks his heart, into thinking, it has just ran a hard run. We'll get the results on Wednesday. So he left out yesterday afternoon, stayed the night and the test took place early this morning. He should be home in about an hour.


I used to be a BIG football fan. My first husband and my 3 sons were maniacs so instead of going shopping with "the girl's"I decided to break ranks and read up and learn football, so I could be a part of it. After my ex left, it was just the boys and I, and it was a bonding time, for us. We were 49er fans, and Joe Montana was my guy! I enjoyed Steve Young, too. But then I remarried and my husband, doesn't care for football. I mean, he'll watch it but he could really care less. Now my guys are moved out and I was alone - I turned it on, for the first quarter- turned it off. I didn't turn it back on, till about 4 minutes into the 4th quarter. It was tied. I turned it off again, and it went into overtime and the game ended. Am I upset that I missed this great moment in football? Not really. Even though, Tom Brady is a local boy - grew up and went to school in San Mateo with my oldest. I never met him personally, but know of his parents and where he grew up.Of course, we always kinda root for our local guys and gals, even though it wouldn't of mattered if the Falcons had won. I just don't care anymore.


I have been a San Francisco Giant fan since I can remember. My mom was a Giant fan when they were in New York. She followed them and was ecstatic when they moved to SF. I've seen Willie Mays, McCovey, Juan Marichal,and Orlando Cepeda. In fact I have autographs from Juan and Orlando. My dad was a contractor in SF and painted Willie McCoveys home and was able to meet the other 2, when he was out and about. So my family are "old school-Giant" fans.

They are in Scottsdale - it's Spring Training and I am jacked up.


  1. I have four sons and when they were growing up, I watched football with them...oh and played with them too! lol And I still love it! Have my favorite team though and don't care as much about the rest! I'm a Cowboy fan...all the way! Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs, Diane

  2. I hope your husband's test turns out ok, Debby. I can relate to your post today, as my son played football for many years, and baseball and basketball for a couple years.

    Have a nice week, friend.



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