Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Scary sales guy

Boy you know you are old, when a salesperson comes to your front door and you get scared.

Yesterday afternoon, I was home alone - the husband just left for work. (he works 4pm to midnight) I had the screen door open and was enjoying the nice day,  listening to the birds in my front yard, when all of a sudden, this delivery truck pulls up real fast, parks across my driveway, partly on the sidewalk. The way he drove up, it was like he knew us. At first I thought it was my son.  He came up the walk way fast, and told me he was at the end of his work shift delivering meat - and that he has some in the back of his truck, and wanted to know if he could "unload some of it for me".

Up to that point, he was pleasant enough to try and make a sale - but when I said, "No Thank you." he immediately, gave me a look, that was so dark - his eyes glared at me and he said, "Whatever!" and then threw his arm up in the arm, flipping me off. He then, yelled at my dog, who was barking at him, from my side yard,

"Shut up you stupid dog."

Normally, or in years past, I would of lashed out at him verbally. But this time, he scared me. It was his look. He changed demeanor so quickly, it startled me.  I called the police to just let them know - He did not show any identification or give me a business card, which right there, is against city code. I also let our neighborhood watch know, on its website, alerting other neighbors.

I felt vulnerable.

The police called me back and let me know, they would be driving around the neighborhood. They also told me to call back if I see him again. I told my husband about it, while he was at work.

Years ago, when my boys were young and when I was doing daycare in my home, the kids had their bikes and toys in the front and some guy came and did his pleasant sales pitch and as soon as I told him, "No thanks." he started kicking my kid's bikes and toys. I called the police and he left but an hour or so later, he came back, pounding on my front door. The police came out and arrested him- told me he was on drugs.

Boy these door to door companies, need to teach their salespeople how to react to rejection,which anybody who has ever been in sales (I have) knows that is a huge percentage of the job.


  1. THis guy was trying to sell you meat his company did not know was missing. Flipping you off was a giant red flag that he was not only crooked, but disturbed. You did the right thing calling the cops and alerting people in the neighborhood.

  2. I have doubts about him working for a company that provided training, or even working for a company. I've heard the "meat" spiel before, and they never seem to be working for a specific company. Do you have an alarm system? I have Life Shield, which is pretty inexpensive when they offer free installation. I have a remote with an alarm button and a "touch pad" (kind of like a tablet) that I can put anywhere in the house. I can arm and disarm the system with the touch pad, and also put in emergency calls for police, fire, or an ambulance. It even tracks crimes reported in the area, if I want to check it.


    1. No we don't have an alarm system as of yet.My husband wants to get one because he works nights. It would be good to have.

  3. That is frightening. I'm glad you did not open the door. I carry my pitbull with me because she is a spoiled pet. But she does make me safer.

    1. Usually I do have my pit/lab mix in the house with me - she is very protective. Just so happens she was outside....


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