Friday, February 10, 2017

I feel like RANTING

Everybody lives different lives - we don't know each others "story". Sometimes, we automatically judge others, because we don't know their story or because our life is different from theirs. This is a big country and each state is different - and views life and politics and pop culture differently. (and YES, we have similarities as well,but that's NOT my RANT)

I say this, because right now California is going through some major bullshit. (and I don't usually swear)  BIG state with a HUGE population = BIG PROBLEMS.  You are not going to get that many people who 100% agree on anything.

I am NOT in favor of becoming a separate country and leaving the United States. It has made me, take a good look at myself and it took a lot of soul searching, but I am an American FIRST - Californian second. My identity is red, white and blue.

Something is not right with Jerry. I know he has prostrate cancer for the 2nd time and is starting treatment again. He has been acting more like a Dictator than a Governor.  You figure, he served 2 terms back in the 70's = 8 years. Then again 30-40 years later. When he is done, he will have served 16 years. 

There are so many of us here, that do not want to be a Sanctuary State. I don't mind the sanctuary cities - you can choose to not go there - but the whole frigging state needs to VOTE on this. Sacramento is trying to slip it under the rug.

There is another conflict here going on - Northern California vs Southern California and how Northern California wants to leave California and be the 51st state. (50th if California actually leaves the union)  This is making our Southern California Conservatives uneasy -  The State of Jefferson movement, has been going on for years - since the CalEXIT group has started, the State of Jefferson has really stepped it up.

Our crime is rising - we have no money for extra police, in the smaller towns of California - My county and the counties around us grow marijuana. Legal and illegal pot farms. During the fall harvest, we get transients, who come to be bud-trimmers and work the farms. We call them Trimmigrants. I imagine, it would be similar to any farm region.  They come from around the world -

Only, this particular "crop" doesn't bring in the best of citizens, unfortunately. They are the ones, we have to watch out for.  We get inundated with crime during these times, from others who see the opportunity and some just like it here so much because of our lax laws, and "benefits" they stay.  More FREELOADERS. They are not all bad - In fact most are young people.

No this is not a old photo of the 60's.

Deep in our forests - 

In my county, our "criminal" homeless and transits live in our forests, polluting our rivers and streams. During our HOT and DRY summer months, their out of control campfires, start many of our fires.  Spring and summer, every year, we start finding 2-3 dead bodies near the river - near the railroad, under overpasses - former encampments. Dying from drugs or by the elements or just natural death. We are dealing with home invasion robberies around my town - and it is getting to the point, where you have to have someone stay in your home, if you go on vacation. Or you will get robbed. One reason, I get nervous when we go away longer than 2 nights.

It's like the wild, wild west in some ways.

I know this might sound like an exaggeration, especially if you live in a different part of the country. And of course, much of this you won't see on the major news- California has a IMAGE to live up to. Hollywood, Glamour, The Rich and Famous, Silicon Valley...yeah we're just one BIG Liberal Utopia.

One of our major Northern California dams, is having an emergency this week and it could get worse. A huge crack developed in the Oroville Dam spillway. We've had record breaking, rain storms - our Northern California lakes and streams are filled to capacity and then some - and we haven't even started our spring thaw of the mountains. THAT crack should of never happened. Don't they inspect? I have no idea how that will be dealt with.

Newspaper headlines 

  • Damage to Oroville Dam spillway grows with water releases, could cost $100 million
  • Inside the frantic fight to protect Oroville dam, nation's tallest, as spillway rapidly erodes 
  • Gaping hole in Oroville Dam spillway is growing, officials warn 
  • Damage to Oroville Dam's spillway worsens as officials consider emergency measures

And those silly fools, that keep insisting that we be our own country -

RANT over.....


  1. Things can't be that bad, I have never heard of this in the news.

    Actually this sounds a bit like NYC before Mayor Giuliani turned things around.

    1. I went to visit friends in New Jersey when Giuliana took over and my friends, are California liberals, actually approved of what he did with NYC.

      Like I said, Californians want to keep their dirty dark secret a secret. It's as bad as I've ever seen and I am 63.

  2. I guess it is too late to put your head in the sand.

    Lots of turmoil. I hope you get some peace or least some release by writing this.

    1. Yep a bit too late for that! It feels good to just RANT every now and then. Today was the day.

  3. I believe everything you wrote here. I have lived in San Diego area more years of my life than not so I'm somewhat familiar with this and that about the state. It is a beautiful state and who can compare the climate of certain parts of it, but it is a hard state to live in. We left it 2 times and came back to it 2 times and finally realized no matter how good it is, it just doesn't work for us financially and so much more. I have read articles where the middle class is leaving California, they just can't afford to live there. Its taxed a lot. We were there visiting in November and went to a grocery store to get this and that and was amazed at the quality of the bag to pack our groceries only to realize we were charged for the bag since we didn't bring in a reusable bag. There is the issue too about water and water rights. The only good thing the present governor has going for him is that he had corgis as part of his administration (and I do realize, sadly that Sutter recently has passed). We might not like the hot extreme temps of Phoenix, but we can afford Phoenix like we could not ever afford California.


  4. This was an interesting read, Debby. I didn't know about the homeless living in the forests. That's so sad. You are a fountain of information, and every time I come here to visit, I learn something.


    1. That's funny Sheri. I'm glad you are learning....


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