Friday, February 10, 2017

Husbands and Wives

Just an UPDATE from an earlier post regarding my husband's treadmill test on his heart.

Wednesday my husband talked with his regular VA doc. He was told,  the muscle between the 2 bottom ventricles is lazy.  He will go see a cardiologist and his other tests were good. He had this treadmill test in 2010 and they compared and it has changed or is lazier?

I will have to go with him because he forgets to tell me ALL that I want to know. He called me on the phone to tell me:

Me: So how did it go?

Husband: Doctor said tests were good.

Me: awesome!

Husband: yeah he said I have a lazy heart.

Me: what? (thinking, that doesn't sound good)

Husband: yeah some muscle in the lower half of the heart is lazy.

Me:  Okay - so what's next?

Husband: I'll be seeing a cardiologist soon.

Me: Did your Doctor show you a chart and explain what this actually means?

Husband: He just said, it's lazy.

Me: Hon, I understand that, but didn't you ask him for more details?

Husband: No.

Me? why?

Husband: I'll be seeing a cardiologist soon.


Thank God for Webmd and St Judes and all the other websites that had videos to explain it to me. My husband is content to just wait till he sees a cardiologist.

I guess we've both hit that age, where we have to go to each other's doctors appointments. Although, I don't need him coming along - there are just certain things he doesn't need to know.

Like when I was in the hospital before my gallbladder removal and the anesthesiologist asked me my weight in front of him.

My drivers licence says I am 120. I haven't been 120 in years.

I couldn't very well, LIE because, it was surgery and I wanted to make sure I was OUT and not feeling a thing. So I had to give it up. I was so embarrassed. But he is a dear and never said a word or made a face or anything. In fact, he's probably forgotten by now and I don't dare bring it up.


  1. My wife won't let me go to the barber without her, never mind the doctor.

    1. Funny. I used to cut my husbands hair and now he has learned to do it himself.

  2. What a coincidence, I weigh 120 on my driver's license too. Small world. lol Actually, mine is 140 which was many moons ago.
    I go with everyone because I am the official memory. What you don't know is bliss. One time I made the mistake of talking about how many ailments my mother had and she got afraid. I felt like saying, "haven't you notice that list you get with the doctor's recommendations on it when we leave?" But I got serious and said, "Bad joke." I know it's lying but happiness sometimes has a price.

    1. Ignorance is bliss. I have no idea if I have some issues with my heart or not.

  3. I remember when I had to start going with Richard to his appointments. He could never remember what the doctor said. Never, did I let him go with me to mine. I only updated my drivers license weight to closer to reality in the last few years!

    1. I'm trying to get back into shape and then I will update it.


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