Saturday, February 25, 2017


Miss Buster a couple of years ago

The power of the mind - Yesterday Foodie and Navy dropped by to pick up mail - while sitting around chatting, Foodie thought, he saw a flea on our cat, Ms Buster. She doesn't have fleas. We brush her all the time, and she hasn't been outside in over 2 years. The only animal that goes outside is the dog. Plus we have 1 month old carpet. No fleas here.

But just the thought of fleas, get us itching.

So last night, the husband is dreaming and yells out, that he has fleas all over him. I elbowed him, told him he was dreaming and to roll over and that we don't have fleas.

So I lay there - starting to feel what I believe might be fleas.

We don't have fleas, I tell you. 

Now what we do have is hair. I have long hair and I am always shedding - Ms Buster is a long haired cat and Susie, is short haired but sheds, quite a bit. Sometimes, I will feel a hair, just drop on my arm, or my face and it feels like a flea. (or bug) It's just a rogue hair.

So to make both of us, feel better, I will de-flea the animals.

Trust me, when we have fleas - I can see them. We haven't suffered a infestation in a few years. It's good to get on them early.


  1. Sometimes things tickle a stray hair. It's a funny feeling, isn't it?

  2. Sometimes the imagination is as bad as the real thing.

    1. We're good now -no more "imagination"

  3. What a funny story, Debby. It made me smile on this Sunday morning. : )


  4. When we lived in Montana and had the dog, we never had fleas :) Too cold in winter for them to sustain themselves for the other months :)

    He had a pretty bad case of the fleas when we lived in Southern California the last 2 years of his life. He was infested with them. We did a lot of remedies, vet recommended, homeopathic with peppermint oil (kills the fleas on contact). He had diabetes and we figured his weakened health made him more prone to them. The vet finally got them under control with some med he prescribed (which of course I can't remember the name). Sadly no dog these days, but alternatively no fleas.



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