Thursday, February 02, 2017

California in the News

California in Distress

Drought is over but we have to wait till the state water guys, say it's over. Of course, they won't - and our water rates will go up. I don't mind continuing water rationing even when we don't need it. I feel it conditions us, to always be mindful of our ever changing water situation here in California. They could lower the rates, though...

Peaceful protests at UC Berkeley last night - with only one arrest, of course that depends on what news source you listen to. This is why it is good to know people - and ask the regular person on the street and you get a whole 'nother story and perspective. I only wish, the rest of the country would interview the Californians that are against these "peaceful protests" - it's bad because so many from other states, hate EVERYBODY from California...even, little old me.

I hope it doesn't come to this

If you've been hearing about the new California movement: CalEXIT, it's a big farce. Most Californians don't want to exit the US. Only those in the urban areas - If it should happen, which I don't believe it will, we would have to move, of course not without fighting for our state! Where would be go? What would happen to real estate prices? Would they go UP or down? If it should happen, I hope and pray it is after, my husband retires from the State of California- in 6 years. Would the Country of California HONOR his state pension? What about our California Veterans?

Mojave Maxine

Today is Ground Hog's Day for the rest of the country. Since California loves it's sovereignty, here in California, we have Mojave Maxine. She's like "our own" groundhog - but she's a tortoise. Now that Punxsutawney Phil has made his appearance, the watch is on: for Mojave Maxine to emerge from her burrow when spring, or at least springlike weather, is drawing near. So far, she's still asleep.

Last week, Gov Jerry Brown, was feistier than ever, when he announced, NO WAY would Californians be a Trump Nation. Except he wasn't speaking for the majority of counties that voted for Trump.

Last week, our new Attorney General was sworn into office. Xavier Becerra has his work cut out for him. President Trump has introduced a flurry of orders with implications for California — among them,

  1. a threat to so-called sanctuary cities, 
  2. plans for a Mexican border wall, 
  3. a temporary ban on the entry of refugees.
At least they have tents! 

Meanwhile in beautiful San Francisco - the Homeless population grows - advocates are not seeing enough done, to help the homeless. Mental health facilities are needed - It is a growing problem that will only get worse, when our warmer dryer weather returns. What about the Homeless? There are now, POOP Maps for Tourists - I kid you NOT! 
Growing up in San Francisco, it always was kinda smelly. The sewer system is old - the sidewalks are old - and pooping in the city, has been going on for years! Beatniks (before the hippies) used to urinate and poop on our front stoop. That's why my Dad moved us, down the coast to a nice little beach town. Fresh, clean air and no poop! 

Yes, this is something San Franciscans can be proud of.

I joined a group California's Against CalEXIT. I was surprised how widespread it is, but lacks getting any media publicity. I heard, the Silicon Valley wants to fund the "exit" and that Canada has invited California to join them. That is a great move for Canada - a year-round salad bowl for them. 

And that is the way it is, Thursday February 2, 2017. 


  1. Some one posted a letter inviting California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii to join us here in Canada. More as a tongue in cheek response to the Calexit rhetoric happening. Mind you, you would be very welcome to join us.

    God bless.

  2. Thank you for a different perspective of LaLaLand.

    1. OH you don't know the half of it. It's been crazy here.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I deleted by accident. I was approving it. Sorry Sandi

  4. Debby, Us Californians have to step up and show the world who we are, some are beautiful people who just want peace. My post today just shows that, and I know you will remember the song on there back in the 70's and 80's. :) This rain is the best, isn't it? It may have ended the drought.

    Enjoy the weekend, Debby. And I really like your thought provoking posts.


    1. The rains HAVE ended the drought. IN fact they are letting water out of Shasta Dam - the Sac river is full and flooding downriver. Many fear, they are letting too much water out. The drought was a combination of poor water management and dry weather.

  5. Ok read this wondered what the hell because in my cave I know nothing and didn't get why people would hate California or California people but I don't hate anyone, there are people I dislike and don't want around or in my country but hate is a strong word

    1. It is a very strong word, but it's true. When a Californian travels by car, we get honked at, yelled at, and we are automatically assumed to be Gay, or Liberal. On a plane, when someone asks, they start in, about our politics etc. When I was a kid, people used to ask, if we ever saw movie stars. Times have changed.


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