Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Some updates

Near Lake Tahoe 

UPDATE: I've been under the weather -mostly from my frozen shoulder. I am in throbbing pain and have a 10am appointment with my Doctor tomorrow. I am hoping I get a cortisone shot. I have pretty good pain tolerance but caved in last night and took a norco before going to bed. I had 15 of them from my gallbladder surgery and only used 1 - back in August. I used my medical edible marijuana instead for the pain. Last night I couldn't stand it - I was in tears - it did not alleviate all the pain but help me sleep.

UPDATE: Both the roofing company and the window company came out and fixed the areas where we leaked from the storm. I couldn't find the window company, so I contacted the manufacturer and they got in contact with them - they are under a new name. So,thankfully, we're good.

UPDATE: Big storm moving in tomorrow - I think we are all prepared.

UPDATE: I've mentioned my son, Navy's girlfriend - I call her, Sweetie. Well, she dyed her hair, pink and baby blue and it looks awful. I mean, why not purple? Anyway, my son, "liked" her photo on Facebook and I am wondering if he just "liked" it because she is his girlfriend and he doesn't want to appear shallow or does he REALLY like it?  I can't believe such a attractive lady would do that - she looks like a pastel raggedy Ann doll. I don't get it.

Of course I am just MOM - but if I had done that, he wouldn't be seen with me. So I am surprised.

It hurts to type - so I will close this for today. I hope this finds everyone doing well and healthier than me!!!  I do not have time PAIN. I have stuff to do.


  1. Ouch! Get to the doctor and get better.

    1. Did and getting better!

  2. I don't get why some pretty young girls do such terrible things to their hair and really do they think these colours look good. My mum is in a great deal of pain and was told yesterday the reason for the delirium is because of the level of pain she is in 24/7, it never ends for her

    1. Oh Joanne, that is awful. Isn't there anything that can be done for her pain?

  3. Ouch --- Hugs and more hugs. Please don't worry about writing. Your shoulder needs a rest. You need TLC. The cold temps don't help either. I hope the doctor helps. Good Luck.

  4. So sorry to hear you've been in pain, Debby. Hope you are feeling better today. A pastel raggedy ann doll, you make me laugh. :)



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