Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reading, Watching and Thinking

My Hometown Beach

Some of my blogger friends, do this post where they tell what they are reading and watching...So I will do my version. 

We're getting hit again, with another one of those heavy wet pacific storms. I grew up on the coast, just 2 miles from the beach and I used to love to listen to the fog horns at night. So comforting. All I have been hearing for the last 12 hours, is rain hitting the window (it's holding up) and debris falling in my neighbors yard.

Indiana Farmland


I am currently reading a book called Strangers In Their Own Land by Arlie Russell Hochschild, a sociologist's from Berkeley, Ca. About her journey into a far different world than her liberal academic enclave of Berkeley and into the heartland of the nations political right, to try and better understand them.

Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right

I am enjoying it - at times, I do think she sounds a bit elitist which I can't stand due to having most of my parents family, living in the these areas.  (Alabama, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee.) Yeah many times, we do not agree but I love them and they are good people - hard working and not uneducated as the Liberals keep insisting. When they say things like that, it makes them feel BIG and PROUD and honestly, it's not being very tolerant. It's a BIG red button-pusher - No wonder why the Red States and counties rebelled and voted Trump in.  So, yeah I am protective of that part of the country - the part that many say, have been under-represented for years. I know when I went back to Ohio, my mom's home state to visit my aunt, it was dilapidated factories, one after another. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Very sad.

I didn't fully realize all of this - I live in a extremely liberal blue state. I grew up here - educated here- my whole life, was a 30 mile radius of San Francisco. When we moved from the San Francisco bay area, in 2008, it was culture shock up here in rural northern California. I was pretty resistant, until I started listening to my neighbors and others.  Many are Ranchers, former Loggers, farmers, Forest Rangers and HotShots, (The ones who parachute into the forest fire)

One Exit from my house = TRAFFIC

I only palled around with computer techies - not by choice, but by the shear fact, that I lived smack dab in the middle of the Silicon Valley - in fact, practically everyone I know, still works for either Google, Facebook, Advanced Micro Devices, Hewlett Packard, Apple, Cisco, EBay, and I lived on off ramp from Oracle. My husband worked at Sony Playstation and before that, The World headquarters for Visa. It's a very corporate area. Sure I knew some, who were attorneys (usually corporate) and who worked at Safeway and several teachers. I owned a family daycare in my home, and was a Nanny for a CEO for 12 years.  I didn't fully comprehend how isolated, I really was, from the red counties in this blue state or the Red States of America. So, yes...after awhile, you all believe the same things with few disagreements.

California hot shots

I love these people here in Rural Northern California. And we are under represented, just within the state of California. Basically, LA, SF and Sacramento call the shots. The urban areas. Meanwhile, we have water issues - and environmental issues, that are being dictated from elitists, who have never been up here -

This book is really giving me the urge to take a car trip, through the heartland - go visit some family and just check it all out. As a child, we took road trips in the summer, driving through small towns - I loved the smell of farms and I dig small towns.

Anyway, it's a good book- Liberals will LOVE it and Conservatives, who do not have open minds, will get pissed off.


I am a binge watcher - I am now finally watching all seasons of 24 on Amazon Prime.

Also on my Watchlist:
First Man on Earth,
Lie to Me
Prison Break (for the 2nd time)


I'm thinking about the Inauguration Tomorrow.  I like it, no matter who gets into office. I just think it is so cool, the changing of power. What I refuse to watch, is if it gets ugly -
That's when  I turn it off and go back to binge watching 24.  Go Jack Bower!


  1. Gerrymandering makes Georgia red. Districts are drawn that they elect black democrats or white republicans. The one I live in looks like a spaghetti string. Both groups are very conservative. Baptist is the dominant religion. There is also a cultural reward for being part of the group.

    I don't talk politics. It is right up there with beating your head against the wall. Most of my family have an independent liberal, sometimes conservative bent. But if you want political clout, you best be republican.

    My disappointment with the election was people voting for a character versus a stable candidate.

    1. I used to enjoy discussing politics and especially if we disagreed. It never used to be so polarizing as it is now. MY family, is all over the place but we love each other and can discuss rationally...sometimes.

  2. I was never a fan of calling someone a liberal or conservative because it it seems to get used as an insult and like their politic thoughts are all who they are. I consider myself middle of the road and most of my immediate family leans Democrat with most of my extended being Republican. Until compromise comes back into the picture, things are going to be a mess. Too much my way or the highway goin' on.
    I am currently reading all the Alex Delaware novels by Jonathan Kellerman.

    1. I don't care for labels, myself.

  3. I am just glad that you are feeling good enough to post some nice photos. Take it easy though.

  4. Interesting stuff, how not only how states are divided politically, but towns, areas, sections of states are divided politically. I live in NJ. NJ went with Hillary. But, not the town I live in. They went with Trump. Even though I did not vote for Trump, I will watch the inauguration. I too find it interesting.

    1. I thought it was interesting how they move one family out, and the other family in - within like 5 hours. Wow.

  5. I am reading nothing don't read much during the school holidays but have been trying to load books onto my ereader but it isn't working and I am somewhat frustrated

    1. I don't have a e-reader. I do it the old fashion way


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