Monday, January 23, 2017

Missing in Action

Yeah I guess I allowed a few days to get past me -

My arm is slowly getting better. I did wake up last night in pain - but I think it was because I turned on my left side and was laying on my arm. Once I turned over, it felt better. It will be next week, before I can start the physical therapy. The first 2 days, after the shot, my arm felt awesome. But when I start to overdo use it, it will let me know, with throbbing pain. I am back at the gym, just using the treadmill.

Well we are saturated up here in Northern California. Street flooding, a ton of snow in the high country - and down in So Cal, they are "swamped" as well. 😋

So, we have a new President.  We got up early to watch. It's always cool to watch the changing of administrations. I've lived through Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump. Man, I'm OLD!

Fake news?

I really do enjoy the non-political parts of it - like when the Obama's moved out and the Trumps moved in - within a 5-6 hour span. My mind wonders, if it is spooky staying the night there, that first night. I also wondered who, slept in the Lincoln Bedroom. You know how old houses, have that "old house" smell? I wonder if the white house, has that smell. Do the floors creak? Are there any drips in the faucets? Come on, that place can't be perfect - it's OLD. There has to be some imperfections that come with age. No one has ever said, if there are ghosts roaming the hallways. Maybe the actual residence is fine, but I think the other part of the white house, the public sees, is spooky in the middle of the night.

Back in 1968, we went back as a family. I was going into my freshmen year in HS. We toured the White House and the Capitol. I don't remember the smells - I was distracted by the handsome military guys I saw everywhere! I do remember my dad was taking a movie picture from inside the Capitol Rotunda and was told to turn off the camera.

Yeah, it's a freaky place - You have guys with high powered rifles on your roof, and guards everywhere - No wonder, Melania wants to stay in New York, with her son for the rest of the school year. They need to get some animals - pets liven any place up. So do little kids, playing in the hallways, like Caroline and John John.

After researching apparently there are ghosts....

White House Ghosts

Four Ghosts haunting the White House 

Ronald Reagan's white house ghost story. 

To Michelle Obama: Is the White House Haunted


  1. I have a ghost living in my house. I have named her Ada. I think about those kinds of things too when it comes to the White House. I was fascinated with the turn over time of moving one family out and one in. I doubt that Melania is all that concerned about guards and guys with rifles. She has had body guards for years. And the Secret Service will be in New York with her and Baron too. I think she just needs a break from him. I didn't think she appeared at all happy throughout the entire day of the inauguration. None of the Trump family did. They all seemed mad!

    1. Well, that's interesting Paula. You need to write about her.

      It's funny how we all see things differently. I thought the Trump family seemed like they are in awe of the magnitude of the position. I agree, it looked like Melania was overwhelmed. Barron's 10 years old - bored out of mind, no doubt. I enjoyed watching the little kids.

  2. I have lived through the same presidents as you have! I do remember being in 1st grade at school the day Kennedy was assassinated and the message of his death coming over the loud speaker at school (Catholic school nonetheless) and the nuns crying. So I'm old too!


    1. I was in the 4th grade when Kennedy died.

  3. I watched the inauguration too. I also wonder what’s going on in everyone’s mind. What are they saying to each other? I believe the Obama’s are really happy and relieved. I think President Trump, like all other new presidents, doesn’t have a clue what he has gotten himself into. Just think about the confidence one must have in one’s self to want to tackle that position.

    1. That is true. It's a job not for everyone.

  4. If I am ever in the area I would love to tour the White House, I also wonder what it is like to live there and how long it gets to feel comfortable in the place and the ghosts yeah there has to be ghosts of that I have no doubt

    1. Yeah I don't like ghosts...I don't trust them.


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