Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I'm feeling better already

Got my shot, this morning. Man, that stuff hurts and burns as it goes into my system. Worth it because I am already able to lift my left arm halfway. In about 2 weeks, once it has clearly dispensed through the arm, I will start physical therapy to regain some strength. So I am feeling hopeful and motivated once again.

My Doctor -I like him enough to keep him, but I am not like WILD about him. He seems to have the personality of a rock. I try and make some friendly small-talk and he doesn't react at all. My surgeon who I liked, told me, my doctor is good at what he does.  He just has no personality.

I once at a Doctor I really liked, and he retired. He would spend 30-minutes to an hour with me if I had a issue. He also just seemed like he personally cared. He had a dry sense of humor - my favorite type. I have to say, my Doctor now - once I was in emergency for back pain and they wouldn't release me due to my chronic low blood pressure until he came down. It was the middle of the night - and once they discharged me, he wheeled me out to our car, which impressed my husband.

Oh sometimes he can be okay.

You have to really have a good rapport with your primary care physician. I don't know if I have that with mine - like I said, he's good enough.


  1. I have a dentist like that, doesn't make small talk very much, but he's the best dentist. I guess that's all I can ask for. When you said, "the personality of a rock" you made me chuckle. You do have a way with words, my friend.


    1. Awww, thank you Sheri

  2. As long as your arm starts to improve.

    1. It is improving but I still need to be careful when lifting.


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