Sunday, January 08, 2017

Holes in the wall

This is a home decor RANT that really doesn't belong on my Home blog - I try to be nice over there. That's why I have this one.

Okay- my husband has a thing about putting holes in the wall. He absolutely LOVES those bulldog nails. I like to hang pictures. I like to change pictures around - I like to group pictures. He gets all worked up, when I put a new hole in wall. Sometimes, some pictures do not work with his bulldog nails. So that's when I use a screw or a big nail. Most of the time, I do it, when he is at work and being a man - he never notices.

When I took down my Christmas themed pictures - we got busy moving the furniture out - making way for the new carpet, I forgot to hang other pictures up. Thus, the "holes" were visible. 
So instead of leaving it there, he took out the nails. 

"Hey it's my house, too and if I want to put holes in the walls, I can."

to which he replied,

"then you can do all the patching."

No biggie. I can do that.

But he is still walking around, huffing and puffing, as if I have bashed down walls. 

Come on now - is it worth, having a heart attack over? That's why I blog. 

Maybe he needs a blog. 

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  1. My husband was the exact same way! It is a man-thing!!


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