Thursday, January 12, 2017

Current Events

I don't know of anyone - who actually believes and TRUST the news media. Only the news media, believes in the news media. It's getting harder to fact-check, them, too, because even some fact-check sites are biased one way or another. So what does that do to me? I totally do not trust anyone. Not even the Government. I've been like this for a long time - but even more lately. Come on now...House of Cards anyone?

The news conference - Oi Vey. It set the tone as to what "lies" ahead. More Scam Fake news to discredit Trump. I was not a Trump person, but I am a nice person and I don't like gossip. I believe all of this is downright mean and disgusting and might backfire. We'll have to wait and see.

I hope future fake news doesn't detract from the real issues we have. How are, We the American people going to discern what is truth and what is fiction?

Wouldn't it be amazing, if we could, get the truth. The real TRUTH from a source we all agreed was TRUTH? Ahhh, that won't happen. Too much hate, that is willing to turn a blind eye.

It happened to President Obama. I can't count how many times, I would fact check some story I read in some right-wing rag. Drove me crazy.  I am sure it happened to Bush and to other Presidents. Remember the fake news story in Rolling Stone Magazine about the Rape on Campus, a couple of years ago. It caused a major feminist uproar only to find it was not true. Fake news has been around for awhile and only now, it is center-stage.


  1. Before I believe anything, I consider the source. Currently there is no source I trust so I try and rely on common sense. For instance, how would the Russians have negative info on Trump that the Democrats would not have also dug up and used if it existed? They found a recording done in a bus ten years ago for crispy sake.

    You make a very good point and it is a big problem because once false news gets out, it never goes away. For many, President Obama was born in Kenya and is a Muslim no matter how many times those stories are proved false.

    1. Yep, you're right. It's all distractions deliberately being put out discredit his legitimacy.

  2. You are right about one thing. Fake news has been around for a long time. However, some of the 'fake' news about Trump is not too hard for me to believe!

    1. The latest one though, about the "golden showers" I knew was fake and mean lies. - He's a germ freak. It didn't sound like something he would do.

  3. Hell yeah fake news have been around for as long as I can remember, it is difficult at times to tell the fake story from the real one, however, with some stories the fake ones sound more real then the real ones

  4. I did a post awhile back about gossip.....and it is such an ugly thing. It hurts so many people. Great post, Debby, about trust and the media.

    Have a peaceful weekend.



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