Friday, December 09, 2016

Weekend plans

Time is rolling along a bit too fast for me. I can't believe it is Friday already. Soon it will be Christmas.

We have a big weekend planned. 

Put the tree up.
Start laying down the floor in the laundry room.
Go to the Laundromat - hopefully for the last time.

I'm not quite feeling the Christmas season yet. I attend a bible study every Wednesday and this past Wed, my small group came 30 minutes early to have a get-together before the study - we'll be out for 3 weeks.
One of the gals, gave everyone, a cute little pan of banana bread. Gosh, I would like to do this next year. I used to bake all the time, years ago - I'd give out little gift bags and always had some ready-to-go, for those unexpected visitors. I don't remember when I stopped doing this. Maybe when we moved here, so that's been at least 8 years. I wish I could of gotten it together, but we're just finishing up the home improvements and honestly, we really need to get all that done.

I ate the whole thing! 

It's been snowing on all three sides of us.

McCloud, Ca (North of us)

Whiskeytown Lake 7 miles West 

Lassen Volcanic National Park - East of us

Maybe, we can take a drive this weekend - and play in the snow.

Have a WARM weekend.


  1. Isn't it amazing how fast time flies? My dad used to tell me it goes faster when you get older. What an amazing man he was!!

    1. It's downright scary how fast time goes, now days.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I am not a lover of snow but I do love snow pictures. Here's hoping the laundry room is completed this weekend!! YAY!

  3. I used to bake all the time and no longer do so. I kind of miss it, but my back doesn't allow me to stand for long and I don't have the strength to stir dough or put the mixer together. The snow is pretty.


    1. Same here, plus I would just eat it (all)

  4. My weekend plans, shopping and watching telly oh and blogging can't forget blogging

  5. We are having a warm weekend :) Highs in the mid 70's. We are finally enjoying the benefits of living in the 114 heat in the summer months :)

    My mom and sister were bakers. They made so many wonderful things around the holiday, breads, cookies, etc. But every single Christmas my sister was sick from the overdoing of the baking they did. I tried to bake the first year I was married and "on my own" but realized I didn't get that gene and was never going to get that gene. It saved a lot of stress and thankfully there are kits or pre made cookies to bake so I get that sense of "baking" without the stress of doing so.

    Having lived in Montana for 8 years, I loved the first snow and the March snows (they melted quickly). Not fond of the January snows though.

    May your weekend be a good one!


    1. Are you in Arizona? I know what you mean, about enjoying this time of year - cooler temps! I'd say we are in the 50's/60's right now with bright sunshine. Nice!

      Every year I want to bake - but don't. I hope I can at least bake one thing from scratch.

    2. I am in Arizona :) In Phoenix. Moved down here from Prescott, Arizona back in March to be closer to a new grandson :)



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