Friday, December 23, 2016

Today I clean - and do laundry

Maybe after I clean and do laundry! 

It's a cold, rainy day - I like it. There is no good reason for me getting out today. I will do some housecleaning and laundry - but I'll do it, to Christmas music.

Yesterday I joined a gym. I hope to actually start on the 25th. We've been having some crime issues - on our trails. One old lady around 70, was mugged and beat up on a trail in broad daylight. And since my gallbladder surgery in August, I have gained weight. I also have become a bit lazy, when I am not working on the house. Just like all of us, I need cardio and I would like some better muscle tone. It was such a good deal, my husband is signing up as well. He is interested in those massage chairs/bed. I am really interested in those WBV machines. (whole body vibrations) Whether it works or not, I'm up for, some good vibrations on my old tired muscles. I made a deal with myself - if I want to eat ice cream, I have to move my body more.

 My husband has been bringing home more wrapped gifts - from his dad. He'll be 91 in May, and I guess when you are that age, you don't know if you will be around next Christmas- so he has been shopping like crazy man.  Buying way more gifts than we need or want, but he is having fun. He keeps saying, "what else can I spend my money on?" He doesn't have that much - but after the state takes his rent he is left with some spending money. After he pays for his phone bill - he has all this extra for going on field trips at the home, and going out to eat. He LOVES to shop. He has all these catalogs, and he is on a mailing list from every fraud and scam there is. He constantly calls us, to say, he has won a cruise for us, or a new car. My husband checks it out, knowing there is always a catch. He also gets phone calls, from scammers. Once my husband walked into his room, just at the time he was giving them his debt card information. So now, my husband has his card and the checks. Every month when he gets his money, my husband takes out in cash, everything, except for his rent and phone. He keeps the cash in a account at the VA Home. So he always has cash access to his money, Oh he's bounced a few checks and has ordered items, that he doesn't remember ordering, or didn't think it cost as much. He bought this glass globe that he really didn't need, and he was fooled by the 3 installment payments of $59.99. He thought it was just one. It's that kind of stuff my husband has to over see.

Well, the husband is home and he is grumbling - huffing and puffing because I am on the laptop and he is doing work - thinking I am not going to do anything.

It's like, "Chill - Dude."

We are on different time schedules. I will do my share - when it's my time. in fact I probably do more. I just let him huff and puff.

It's all good.



  1. I hate those bastards that prey on older people!!

    The gym is a good idea. You could exercise at home no problem, but you probably won't, that's why I joined. Forces you to get out and move.

    1. I do too. Real strong macho guys, that have to pick on the elderly. I am starting to take my dog with me, just to be safe.

  2. I think it is wise to join a gym. I was thinking of walking outdoors here until I read on a page I belong to of local surroundings how many loose dogs are around at any given moment. Having to fend off the attacks that were made against our corgi (four in his short 10 year life), I have a bit of PTSD around dogs. The safety of a gym sounds just about right for me.

    Hubby has his laptop and I have a desktop. It keeps the sanity I think!


    1. I am pleased and feel hopeful, that I can get back on track (lil pun there) and start power walking etc. I also love water aerobics in the summer. Any more, it is safer to join a gym. and so many of them now, are non-judgemental- meaning, if you are a novice, no one looks down on you. Just a friendly, gym. Everybody doing their own thing.

  3. A man who likes to shop, wow, don't see many of them around, Tim isn't a big shopper when he wants something he is in and out. It is Christmas Day here I am up before anyone else and enjoying the quiet before the day starts

    1. It depends with him. He does like to looky lou, in lumber and hardware shops. Not much for clothes shopping or furniture shopping, or even grocery shopping. He totally needs a list. Oh he also likes to shop health food stores...that's annoying because all those vitamins and supplements are too expensive.


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