Saturday, December 31, 2016

My last post for 2016.

Elvis and Debra Paget in Love Me Tender

I've already had my coffee - and it's afternoon. Actually a very nice day - I have my front door open and some of the windows. Neighborhood children, outside, playing in the sunshine. 
Tomorrow I will start taking down all the Christmas stuff. A job I am not looking forward to. It has to be done - carpet is being installed Wednesday. Did I mention, we postponed it - due to ants and the wet mess under the kitchen sink? It also gave us time to paint the master bedroom. We did it in 1 day. 

Looking back on 2016 - It was a very good year for us. All three of our adult children moved out within 6 weeks. I love my kids, but it was TIME for them, to move out - get their own places. They all have good jobs and we were getting on each others nerves. When they finally left, I had this ENERGY, I hadn't felt in years. That is why, we started painting and getting the house fixed up. 

I miss them at times - (Not to move back in) I see Char way more than I do my sons. I guess that is the way it goes with daughters. 

I turned 62 in March and April I started receiving my social security. I have totally embraced being a Senior citizen.  That does not mean, I wear a bun, use a cane and am hunched over. It's about discounts and RESPECT. I feel freer than I ever have before. I am loving it.

Lake Tahoe - Emerald Bay

We worked on the house this year, so did not take any big vacations - just a few extended weekends. I actually like those better since I hate leaving my babies. (1 dog -2 cats) I miss them terribly. 

Crystalwood Property in Oregon

Oct 2016 - Wizard Island on Crater Lake - So foggy we couldn't see the lake.

Right now I am baking a peach pie. We'll go on over to the Veteran Home and maybe hang around with the FIL, for a little time, to welcome in the New Year.  (New York time)  Then they all can get to bed by 10:00 PST. The husband and I will watch some Netflix or Hulu. 

Life has been good this year and I am sorry for those who have had a bad year. Believe me, I know how that can be. I can't remember when I have had such a good year. Probably 2002 up to when my son died in 2003. Then every year, after that was a struggle. 

I also wanted to say, that the death of Debbie Reynolds, a day after her daughter Carrie passed, really got to me. It almost TRIGGERED me - I had to stop reading and listening to the news. Once I saw the interview with son, Todd, and how he said, it was tragic yet beautiful - that helped me. When meeting new people, I used to tell them, I was named after Debbie Reynolds so they would remember. ACTUALLY I was a Debra - and my Mom liked Debra Paget. I was a Debbie until the 5th grade - Then I started experimenting with my name - 


By the 8th grade, I settled for Debby with a Y.

I'm rambling now - so I will close for this year. I want you all to be safe now - no drinking and driving - call a cab. 

See you NEXT YEAR 


  1. I took my social security at 62 also. I hate it when AARP and others tell you to wait until you are 70. If I knew I was going to live to 85, then I might come out ahead dollar wise, but.... my crystal ball is on the fritz.

  2. Adult children living at home can be stressful so it is good they have all flown the coop. Debbie Reynolds was always so beautiful and I was somewhat a fan

  3. Beautiful photos!

    I was shocked when Carrie passed and then doubly shocked with her Mom. So close together!

  4. My adult son moved back to home twice. The third time when he left, we both knew enough was enough and he had to make it on his own (so far so good). I'm going to hold out on Social Security until 66 if I can, but will take the option at 62 if work messes around too much with me (3 years down the road). Hubby will turn 64 this year. He's also hoping to old out until 66, but will take it early if circumstances change. I think it was merciful Debbie Reynolds died a day after her daughter. No parent wants to have to bury their child, sadly in your case you had to and for that I'm sorry.



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