Thursday, December 08, 2016


Every day, I wake up with a song on my lips. It's always a song I haven't heard recently. It's like,  I have an automated music playing device in my brain and somehow, the combination of letter and number sets up what I will be singing that day. Like I have a jukebox in my brain, only I am not choosing the songs.

Does this happen to you?

Of course, they are always songs from my past - 

Many times, they are childrens songs, probably because of my years in Early Childhood Education. 

This morning, I woke up to Hukilau

My sister took Hawaiian dance, as a child and we learned the dance and the song.

WHY this song today? It's cold and rainy outside.

Maybe I am longing to travel to Hawaii.

Maybe because yesterday was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. My ex father-in-law was stationed at Pearl Harbor AFTER the attack- he helped in the restoration. He learned the Hula while stationed there and when he came back to San Francisco, he used to teach ladies the Hula. It drove my mother-in-law crazy. She never trusted him with all those lovely ladies.

Or maybe, my brain, just does this for no reason. 

I'm thinking though, re-learning the Hula, would be fun. It's a beautiful expressive dance -



  1. My husband and I are always laughing about the "ear worms" we wake with! Often I have no idea where mine come from either!

  2. I loved this! Now if I could only dance like that!!

  3. Off and on I would wake up to praise music going around in my head. I think it would be fun to hula :)


    1. Especially if you could Hula in Hawaii.

  4. Cold and wet here this morning and I have been to Hawaii and loved it although mostly it is like the Gold Coast here in Aus someplace I would like to visit again both Hawaii and the Gold Coast


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