Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Trees

This puppy is supposed to hold a wine bottle - I decorate it every month. 

I never thought I would be so happy and excited to do laundry!  The washer and dryer comes tomorrow. The laundry room is DONE. Boy we hustled. I hope it comes early enough so I can really knock out a few loads.

We put up the tree - bought one off the lot. Donated my artificial one because it is so big and tall and we just didn't feel like dragging it out, to put up. I looked at one artificial tree and it looked cheap, so I've decided to save money through the year to buy a good quality one. Hopefully our last.

Real trees are expensive. The guy at the lot, took off $20 (he thought he was losing us) so we paid $69. It's way smaller than the old tree - that was about 7.5 feet. I needed my tree to fit under the low point of the bay window. I believe that is about 6.5.

There are boxes of Christmas decorations all over my living room. It's afternoon right now - so I have a few more hours, to try and make a dent in the decorating.

The carpet is supposed to be delivered on the 30th. That means, we have to paint the master bedroom. I may have to reschedule. I would really have to bust butt, painting and I don't know if my 62 yr old butt can move that fast! It just makes sense to paint, before the new carpet comes.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, trying not to get overwhelmed. Timing in life is everything. If it's not timed right, chaos happens. I don't like chaos -

Anyway, we're moving right along -

Reminds me of my Laydee


  1. I like how you decorate the dog according to the season :) We haven't bought a live tree in a long time. I would have no idea what to pay for them these days. The artificial tree looks like an artificial tree but it serves the purpose to have a tree up and considering it was the first time in three years I put one up, I'll call it an achievement :)

    Have fun doing the laundry!


    1. I used to be a preschool teacher and I miss doing seasonal boards.

  2. I know what you mean about chaos. I hate it! I try to plan around it, but pray for an attitude of peace if I find myself in it.

    Funny dog display...haha! I have never seen one like that.

    1. That's good - praying for an attitude of peace during the chaos.

  3. Enjoy your laundry. There's nothing like going to a laundromat to make you thankful for your own washer and dryer.


  4. Never had a real tree, never will have one, this Christmas I don't have any tree up, also thanks reading about laundry reminded me to throw on Tasha's last load of washing

    1. Hey happy I could help you remember!

  5. Decorating the dog! How clever! Can't wait to hear about your exciting first loads of laundry!!


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