Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Eve - party of eight + the cats and dog

Susie, last Christmas

We're all set. We'll have 8 here for Christmas Eve - plus the animals. Oh my!

Laydee, still a puppy. Taken last Christmas

We invited a lady we met at the Veterans Home, last year and she enjoyed it so much, we invited her again, this year.

Jeanne - Last Christmas 

Jeanne is 96 but boy is she sharp! Interesting lady. She was born in the US but raised in Turkey. She was raised a Sufi Muslim. She joined the military, in WW2 and served as a nurse. She married and they lived in San Francisco - had 2 children. She found out, her husband had a family in Turkey (another wife) and she did not go for that.  She divorced him here in the states and he repaid her, by kidnapping her 2 children and took them to Turkey for his other wife to raise. He turned the daughters against her. She tried to find them but the state department was no help. 15 years later, she found them and he was charged with kidnapping. Over the last few years, she has regained some communications with her daughters, but they don't trust each other. In fact one daughter, tried to take away her home in San Francisco, without success. One of her son-in-laws is a Jewish Cantor.

Since her children were gone, she went to college and received 2 masters degrees within the field of Science. She became very successful and quite wealthy. She owns ranches and almond farms here in California. A couple of years ago, she denounced her Sufi beliefs and became a Christian. She also, is quite the seamstress and crafter. She continually,makes dolls, adult bibs, stuffed animals, ceramics, and other crafts, there at the Veteran Home. Everyone ADORES Jeanne. She is a JOY, so I am excited to have her. She adds a lot to our get togethers with her intelligence and personal history.

The 2nd person is family - it is my FIL. He is 90. He also, is from the Veterans Home. If he takes a nap during the day, he tried to keep up with Jeanne. If not, he'll fall asleep in his chair.

And the 3rd person is Sweetie,my son's girlfriend. She is studying to be a nurse as well and works at the Veteran Home with my son and my husband.

So it sounds like we will all have a good time.

I wish totally CRASH on Christmas Day. Not doing a doggone thing - except for the morning, we're going over to the Veteran Home to pass out Christmas gifts. I bought my husband a Santa hat and a Christmas tie to wear. Then after that...I will crash.


  1. 96!

    I hope you get to hear all of her stories and write them down. I wonder what that all looked like from the daughters' perspective. How did she come to know the Lord ( at 94!)?

    A life truly lived!

    1. She loves to talk - and is always the life of the party. Fun lady.

    2. She should blog!

      If she does, please send me a link. :)

  2. There is a book waiting to be written about Jeanne. Fascinating!

  3. Jeanne sounds like an amazing woman


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