Tuesday, December 06, 2016

A Christmas painting song

Christmas Tree - 2008

Beautiful sunny day - COLD.

I've been painting that little laundry room of mine - trying to get ready for my new washer and dryer. Still no delivery date.

The thought of painting can be a stressful thought - one that I kept putting off. But for me, it's one of those tasks, that once I do it, I enjoy it. I hum, I think, I talk to myself. After wards, I clean up and I really feel as if, I accomplished something.

I admit, I do hate cleaning the brushes and roller. I wrap them in plastic and stick them in the refrigerator until I am done.

I'm not done yet - one more coat today and some touch ups and then the husband takes over, this weekend, with putting the floor in.

It was cute last night - I had the cat and the dog, watching me paint.

I still have not started decorating for Christmas. I don't feel the need because of the painting. We'll start this weekend. That is late for us but we're still in the home improvement mode - actually I think we are stuck!

I have an old artificial tree I bought a couple of years ago from a thrift store. It's one of those really tall ones. It's also hard to put up. Have you seen those ones, that lie flat on the floor, and you just "pop" them up? Convenient concept, just not my style. We used to go into the forest and chop one down. (with the proper permit of course)

I haven't started playing Christmas music yet either. It just doesn't go with painting.

"Paint the room, paint the room, paint it all the way,
so much fun, to paint the room, because my washer and dryer are on the way." 


  1. I have a bedroom prepped for painting. It's been that way for more than 2 years. I need to get with it. Maybe that first week in January. I have to stop putting it off. I would love to paint to that kind of Christmas music. So fun!

    1. whoa, 2 years? Well at least it is prepped. That's usually the least desired part of painting- just after cleaning up.

    2. I prepped the room just before my husband became so sick. Then I took care of him around the clock. Then he died. Then I lost total interest in everything. I hope I can get back to it this coming year!! I feel so unmotivated!

  2. I can't say the last time we painted, LOL. We usually move before we have to paint and where we live has been freshly painted, so why bother? Might have to do it this time around eventually. We do have the artificial tree up. I was going to put some other decorations up, but haven't quite gotten around to it (and if I don't, that's okay). We do put the holiday music on when we are eating; so a bit of festivity there :)


    1. We have some friends who say they haven't painted inside their home for 30 years. That's probably why, they invite no one over to their place! My dad was a painting contractor, so I am still living with the timeline, of a painter. No more than 10 years, if you've used a good paint.

      Still no decorations yet...this weekend!

  3. I was wondering why you where panting seems to be a theme this morning me reading the wrong title painting makes a bit more sense unless you had to reach high to paint leaving you breathless or had to run to the shop for the paint that would leave you panting as well

    1. Funny. It does look like it says "panting." I thought I had made a booboo.


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