Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Blog Stats

The 2016 post that had the most views was:

That #@%$*& Motor home of ours

 It had 1804. Most of which were those robots. Hey, they like to read blog posts, too. One of the robots is called Nachobot.

The 2016 post with the most comments was:

decorating or bust - 18 comments - mine included.

All time visits: 

188,470 - 2322 from Russia. Wow. Maybe they are trying to hack me?

I did take a break this year - after my sister passed last year in Sept 2015, I felt I didn't have anything left in me. What started me back was the A-Z challenge and after no blogging for awhile, it was definitely a challenge. I did get through it - even though I was off a few days - I did make them up, and finished.

I changed a few things this year - First I added some ads- then I took them off- then I added them again. Just bear with me. I'm up to $7.22 for my google ads.

I also started a new blog - and am back to posting to an older blog.

It's what introverts do - we blog. It's a creative outlet. Plus we don't have to actually talk to anyone - instead we throw words on the keyboards and call it a blog. I enjoy it and am happy to be back, doing what I truly enjoy.


  1. The bots take all the fun out of the stats. At one time, I enjoyed looking at who read what then I started getting all my posts read about 7 times a day. What a bummer.
    Good you are back blogging. For me, it is an outlet. I'm not really an introvert. I just am a homebody by circumstance. It allows me out of the house in ten, fifteen minute breaks.

  2. THose Russians love blogs!

  3. I read things like this, I think I should check my stats, I don't check my stats because I forget, just saying

  4. I love your description of introverts who blog. I am definitely in that category! I haven't checked stats in a long time. I like to think I blog for me and not for numbers :)



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