Saturday, November 12, 2016

Veterans Day

Yesterday, we attended a Veterans Day ceremony at the Cal Vet cemetery. They hold it there, because it is a beautiful mountain top retreat - has the room and facilities to accommodate many people. There was the local elementary school, playing the music and a children's choir - singing patriotic songs.

The main theme this year, was recognizing our Vietnam Vets. They also was dedicating a new bronze statue.

Our local Rabbi, served in the Air Force, during Vietnam, give the benediction and the Aaronic blessing -  Our local Imam from the Islamic Mosque who also served in Vietnam in Army and gave a touching speech, teaching us, about how his brother Muslims have served this country, from the Revolutionary days to the present.  Our local native American tribe, sent 2 Vietnam Veterans in full native dress - reciting a prayer for Unity - in their native tongue. We prayed for those, at Standing Rock. One of the men,  painted his face black - representing all those fellow veterans, who did not return.  All civic, leaders attended and our Governor sent a representative, proclaiming, Nov 11, 2016 Veterans Day. After wards, the statue was unveiled.

We had service men and women who were young and on leave - the oldest veteran was a 103 year old Marine!

 At the end, after the  riffle salute and taps - a Scottish pipe band, played Amazing Grace. They marched away from the spectators...playing as it gradually faded away...Very touching.

With everything, happening the last few days, after the election - It was uplifting and moving. I left there, with a lot of HOPE and while the young people are out protesting - it once again, gave me assurance, that these Veterans put their lives on hold, not knowing if they would return home, so that, those young people can have a voice and protest.

I still believe in this great nation. And we will survive the next 4 years.

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