Thursday, November 17, 2016

Starting to get a bit stressed

June Lake - Eastern California

Silly me, I guess now that the long election process is over, it donned on me, that 2016 is almost over! Yikes. We still have more to do on the interior of our home. Time is running out.

To read more about our home improvements, HERE

We move too slow - and we get sidetracked easily.

Saturday, our family is coming for dinner so we can do our Annual Christmas Drawing of Names. We usually do this on Thanksgiving, but this year, the husband decided he would work so others could have time with their families.  I'll just do a casserole - maybe Lasagna. Rather than make one, I might buy one at Costco. I don't know yet. I want to keep it simple.

I don't like that "out-of-control" feeling I am having, right now. Overwhelmed to say the least.


Comments are good - I admit, sometimes I don't respond back, in time for a dialog. I bad! I will TRY and do better. Thanks for understanding.

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