Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My sons birthday


Today is my middle sons birthday. I call him Foodie on here - because he loves to eat and he loves to cook. Since he was 16, he has always worked with food.

Round Table Pizza
Mervyns  (okay not always)
In and Out (for years)
Old School Restaurant
Famous Daves

In between these times, I have encouraged him to go to culinary school - He is self-learned and just has good "taste". Currently he works at a Care facility as a Dietary Aid. He loves his job and he really enjoys the older people and ones that are convalescing. Plus he has learned about healthy cooking and eating for those on special diets. He will work tomorrow - He tells me, he likes to work the holidays because the people in there, get lonely and sometimes they cry, because no one comes to visit them. So he makes the extra effort, to visit them and just listen to them. It takes a toll on him though - he usually talks with me afterward, how upsetting it is. Gotta love a son like that! He has always had a gentle heart for those who have disabilities, the elderly, children...

Michael, Navy and Foodie (with red trimmed robe)

I believe it is because, he was the little brother to my first born, Michael - who was born with a rare form of dwarfism. Foodie just realized at a very young age, that Michael needed help in some things. It was second nature to him. Same with Navy, too. He was the youngest yet even at age 2, he was trying to help Michael. Actually, Michael didn't really need that much help, just with things that were too high, that he was unable to reach.

So both sons, just naturally grew to be gentle and tender-hearted. I also ran a daycare in my home when they were younger, and they always enjoyed having the little ones around.

Foodie has had some rough patches in his 36 years. I'll admit, they were mostly because of his poor choices.  He's doing well now and enjoys his job, his new place and of course, he is quite the mountain man. ALWAYS backpacking, hiking, climbing...He's a real friendly guy but I believe he is an introvert, like me. He has to get away, from everything, for a few days - to recharge. He goes by himself, because the way he likes to "rough it" - he can't find a suitable partner, except for Navy. And now, Navy has a serious girlfriend. So, Foodie, tramps off into the wilderness - doesn't mind at all, if it snows (he's always prepared) or rains. He just does it.

Yours truly, with Foodie

So Happy Birthday Foodie. Mom loves you!

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  1. I hope his birthday is a wonderful birthday, birthdays are great better then being you know dead, just saying


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