Thursday, November 10, 2016

I'm sick of it.


OMG this election - and now we have to go though the aftermath.

I tend to be a cynical person. I am not gullible.  I have always had an inquiring mind.  I have this NEED to check things out, for myself. I don't automatically believe what people tell me or what I read. These traits or character defects, drive the men in my family wild and some of my friends, avoid me. They all think I am a traitor. When I was a kid, I was like this as well, and my parents, would get mad at me, "Can't you just believe what we say?" I would try...but something in me, had to check it out. (Maybe I should of been a detective or a investigative journalist) I always want to know the other side.

Even if it might be something I would agree with. I don't believe all Christians tell the truth either...and I am a Christian!

So on Facebook, I keep seeing outrageous claims, and posts. Look, I did not like Trump. But I did not ever, hear him say he was kicking out people of color. I just heard, people who were here illegally and he didn't want Muslims from Syria, oh and a wall. But now, it is being spread around, that he is going to be rounding up people of color as well as gays.

Okay - they said, it was the uneducated, white male, that elected Trump. 

Now, who is the uneducated? Spreading around these rumors, that could incite race riots. I'd say that is ignorant.  That is just WRONG.

I am also hurt, by things I have read from friends. One was actually saying, "All whites who voted for Trump should just die."  Wow. I was going to say something, and decided, not to. She also argued with some of her Hispanic friends who did vote for Trump and promptly deleted them as her friends.

Then we have my old high school friend, who has a petition on wanting to change the results, because Clinton won the popular vote. (not really but that is for tomorrow) Another high school friend, tried to explain it to her, about population and that the smaller states, mid west etc, wouldn't have a say, and she had the audacity to say, "It wouldn't affect me, I am a Californian. I don't care about the Midwest." WOW. Yet, she claims to be a tolerate, peace loving person.

You see, why I am so cynical?  People disappoint me. I see this all the time here in California. I love my state but I have to say, Californians have to be the most hypocritical non-tolerate people in the nation. Basically, they are tolerate, if you agree with them. If you do not, you are a RACIST, homophobe, bigot, blah blah blah.

I'm sick of it. 

So now, California wants to secede from the US. It won't happen, but if it did, then I would have to leave. I love this country and I love California but not enough, to let them be their own state. It would be a free-for-all. No freedom at all, for those who do not share their mainstream beliefs.

I'm so happy I no longer live in a metro area.


  1. It amazes me how they try blame it on one thing. It's not. In Georgia, you have a lot of people of color who backed Trump. It's a conservative area. Add to that people who voted for Trump because they are against abortion. There are just a bunch of reasons. I voted for Hillary.
    There will be another election. we can adjust the situation then. I did think about saving some of the nuttier memes I read. One woman who actually writes quite well compared Donald Trump to Jesus Christ and being sent by God.

    1. Oh my, I heard that too. That is just nuts.

      I remember when Nixion won and I was afraid for my future. I thought it was the end of the world. I lived through it. We will always have ups and downs - It would be boring if it was the same party that governed all the time.

      Once again, I have great respect for our founding fathers. THey were before their time and no one can rfemotely come close to those men. Our republic will stand - if we protect it. As for stupid people...they'll always be with us.

  2. I am so glad I don't live in the US anymore. Not because of who got elected, but because of the horrendous reaction. I can stay off facebook for large chunks of time to avoid the negativity, but if I was in the US, I would be dragged into political discussions on occasion.

    I asked a Chinese friend how it works here in Beijing, and he compared it to the Oscars - a select group of people deemed to be "in the know" nominate people they think would be suited to be the next leader, and then (a larger, I guess) group selects from those few individuals. The populous just deals with the hand its given.

    1. Hey Red, hows it going? Yeah people have been talking about it all over, even in line at the grocery store. It will settle was such a shocker.

  3. I'm no lover of Trump either but seeing how these protestors are acting and the things they are saying makes me more scared for the future of our country than the next 4 years does! And this is the first I've heard about California wanting to secede. That's crazy!

    1. Hi Jeanette! If you notice, most of these protesters are young - was probably 10 years old or so when Obama first came into office. Now at 20 or so, this is shocking to them. Some of them also are just instigators.


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