Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

It's early and I need to start the prep work soon. I believe I enjoy this part of the "feast" more than anything. Quiet morning, with the aroma of fresh coffee whiffling through the kitchen. The last few years, as I get older, it gets harder and harder for me, to get out of bed to start the prep but once I have my shower and get dressed, I'm glad I did.

The only prep is the turkey and to stuff it. (made the stuffing last night) I'll cut and peel the potatoes and keep them soaked until time to cook. Navys girlfriend (I think I will call her, Sweetie)  is making a green-bean casserole to share. Char is bringing jello salad. We encouraged her to make it herself, so I don't know how it will turn out. She really has blossomed this year!

I have always wanted to serve or cook food at the rescue mission. But you need to sign up months in advance and I always forget. It's a very popular thing to do. The city, also has a annual "TurkeyTrot" kids fun run,  a 2 mile and a 6 mile.  But if I did that, I wouldn't get to prep- They actually should have one held AFTER dinner.

I don't hardly eat on Thanksgiving. I make all this food and then just pick. I make another dinner plate for myself, for later - cover it and place it in the fridge. I'll have it either later that night or the next day. Same with dessert. I just lose my appetite. Everyone is reclining, STUFFED, and I hardly ate a thing. YET, you can count on it - I will have gained weight all the same! Getting older is so much fun!

So hope you all have a happy, memorable thanksgiving feast. I say memorable because, really that is what is is all about. The food comes and goes but the memories last forever.

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