Monday, November 28, 2016

Good news and then there is the gossip

The BIG news from my neck of the woods, is that local gal, Sherri Papini was rescued and found alive early on Thanksgiving Day.

For those who did not know  - Sherri was jogging on a rural road, near her home on Nov 2. Her husband came home from work, and saw that she failed to pick up her 2 little ones, ages 2 and 4 from daycare. he went out front and found her cell phone and ear buds a little up the road. Our local community, searched and put her name out there on social media and within a day, it made National news.

It was heartbreaking, listening to her husband, Keith as he tried his best to keep his composure. The Sheriff dept cleared him, so he was never a person of interest. These days, so many husbands are - it was a relief to know he was not in anyway involved.

sweet family

So that was happy news but now, the story takes a ugly turn. Not from her or her family but from evil jealous people, some who do not live around here - spreading vicious gossip. Our Sheriff just came out and announced that, there is no reason, NOT to believe her story. Oh, the rest of the story, is that she was kidnapped by 2 Hispanic women.

On Facebook, I keep seeing this one guy, who is from Simi Valley, going around to different pages on her or news and comments. He doesn't even live here. What is he trying to do? If all of this about her is false, then can he be sued for slander? It doesn't seem right, that just anybody can take a dislike of you, and then go out on the Internet and slander you.

There also is a blogger, who doesn't live around her who is trashing this poor, young Mom.

I don't get it. I sure hope something is done. I believe this falls under cyber bullying.

Sure, it is an odd case - and the likelihood of being rescued is rare - but it does happen. I am sure our Sheriff department will investigate.

Now days, there always seem to be more to the story - and if there isn't, people gossip and make up lies. Pisses me off. This is a rural area and while I do not know her personally, I do know of others who do. What has become of us, as a people - that we have to be so mean to others?

I'm telling you, I lost my hope in mankind a long time ago and this kind of stuff makes it really hard for me, to ever restore my faith in people.


  1. I've been following the story and some of the comments. It is good to know that it is probably gossip. It did not seem made up. Why would she have been found in restraints.

    It makes me think of a former student of mine. He was simply brilliant and went to Georgia Tech and maintained a 4.0 average. Yes, he was that smart. But he was well rounded.

    It was depressing for his parents because so many kept thinking he was a social misfit. He had a great girlfriend at the time and had great social skills. He was not quite the idiot most college kids are. He was that smart. I can count the students I taught like that on one hand. But they were not the freakazoids people want to think they are. They were just that smart.

    1. There should be a press conference Wednesday. Today the Sheriffs department questioned her extensively. She is still in the hospital.

  2. Such a sad story. We had a young woman recently murdered in the town over from us and her 4 day old baby was kidnapped. They found the baby days later in Texas. She was kidnapped by a former friend of the mom's who wanted a baby really badly. So sad!!

    1. IT really is something, when the news is practically on your doorstep! I think I remember reading about the baby found in Texas.

      Last year we had another huge national news - a baby was kidnapped. Baby Ember. They said the father killed the baby and of course the family said the father was innocent. A few days later, there was a shootout with LW and the father and they killed him. Have not found the baby. I feel so sad for the young Mom, who lost her baby andher husband.


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