Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Coffee, F-14's and air-in-a-can

Coffee was extra strong this morning - even for me! I'm sitting here, with a big black dog next to me, on the sofa and a kitty in the window. It will be a gray day- some heavy rain is supposed to hit sometime this evening and through the Thanksgiving weekend. I don't mind. Here in (the real) Northern California, we count on the rain to fill our streams and reservoirs. So far, so good with the rain.

I LOVE the mornings!

I have a load of laundry in the wash - I can't wait till I get off my bum, and order my new washer and dryer. I have till the end of Nov. That is so like me...always waiting till the end. I've grown accustomed to the sounds from my washer - the banging against the office wall, and sometimes it sounds like a F-14 tomcat, is landing in my laundry room. It has served me for over 8 years. Before that, it was my mom and dads. (I moved into their home after they died) It had a lot of use in those 8 years.

I'm having a problem with my laptop keyboard. The spacer key, keeps sticking and sometimes, when I am typing fast, it will either jump up to another line or it won't space my sentence and I have to go back and check. It's only 6 mos old and it does seem it was like this from the beginning. I guess I am going to have to get some of that, air-in-a-can and blowout whatever is there, making it stick. It's annoying.


  1. Coffee you say, I will pass don't like the stuff


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