Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cat Urine

My beautiful Garden Kitty

The issue I am dealing with, at this moment is my beautiful, elderly 17 year old female, named Miss Buster She is using the carpet in our office as a pee pad. Since I did not know she had done it, until it got to that certain phase in the development of bacteria, when it started smelling - it was too late. It reeked up the whole room.

 I cleaned the carpet with a rug shampoo for pets - didn't work. I bought some cat urine smell block - didn't work -  I finally used straight vinegar. I still think I smell it - everyone else who comes into the room, either smells vinegar or nothing at all.

 I believe it has penetrated into my nostrils - forever changing the way I smell things. What is your solution in getting rid of the odor of cat piss?

 Please, tell me.....I'm all nose.


  1. I have heard that vinegar will work. I don't have animals so I don't know for sure. But it would be worth a try! I hate the smell of cat pee!

    1. Yeah I think good ole fashion vinegar is the best.

  2. I wound up replacing a carpet that a cat peed on. She was later diagnosed as diabetic. It is humbling how much we tolerate a beloved pet. My entire house is hardwood floors now as a result.

    1. That is what we are doing now in the hallway - we ripped up the carpet and my husband, as I write this, is laying hardwood down. We already have hardwood in the dining, entry and kitchen. We're supposed to get new carpet for our living room and master bedroom. The other 2 rooms, the office and back bedroom - we haven't got to yet. We may just rip out the carpet, to the cement - paint and seal it and throw an area rug on it, till we save the money to put in hardwood.


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