Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Can we Unite?

I'm not voting till this afternoon. By then, we could already have a winner. California just doesn't have a say, in Presidential elections, even with 55 electoral votes. We just do our thing - our state propositions is where the battle is. Historically, Californians vote Democrat for President and then vote totally, bi-partisan on propositions. That's where we come together as one.

I really do HOPE, we can all come together as ONE nation, after this Presidential Election.

Seems, we are always divided. It seeps into our professional/personal relationships, into our families - and therefore, no body gets along - all because of politics. There is no understanding, how each of us, arrive at what we believe. "It's my way, or the highway." or else, "you are an IDIOT."

We are all passionate Americans, who love our country. Can we ever, stop our in-fighting and be united? It's like back in the pioneer days - the covered wagons, would circle around defend themselves, shooting outside the circle. Not us! We shoot to kill, each other from the inside of that wagon circle. How can we, as a nation survive that?

We can't. No one will ever be satisfied - we'll never be truly UNITED. We're kidding ourselves, if we believe we can. I know I know, not exactly a "united way" of thinking there...Let it begin with me.

I'm easy going - I can try and understand the other person, I do not agree with. The key is UNDERSTAND. Doesn't mean, I have to agree with them. Understanding them, is showing respect. We need to respect our fellow American - without name calling. Not everyone sees this world, through the same set of eyes.

So if you haven't voted yet - get out there and vote. Then lets start by winning and losing with class. Accept what we have and work together, with mutual respect.


  1. I have always said the most important thing is to learn to win or lose with class! When my son was playing football in high school (many moons ago) I would get so upset because they lost games so ugly! I wish we could teach good sportsmanship to all of our political candidates! I wonder if it would help. I am off to vote this afternoon.

    1. Same here. I used to tell my son, that you actually learn more about yourself when you lose. He was always on a winning team and I didn't want him to get lopsided and be a sore loser. He's in his 30's now, and he tells me, that lesson really helped him get through some "losses" he's had since then.

      I'm voting later this afternoon, too. Husband has already voted. Lets get this done!

  2. I voted absentee ballot. The division in this country is getting unreal. I don't agree with a lot of family and friends politically but I respect their right to feel the way they do. Unfortunately, that does not always go both ways.
    I know many of them were raised with better manners then they are showing. I don't think my grandmother would be proud of them.


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