Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A good friend passes

I found out today, that a good friend of mine, from the bay area, passed last week. I had just talked with her the Sunday before. I am so happy for that.

Death - It doesn't go away, does it? I'm hearing about it, all the time. It takes my friends, my family - no one is immune. It used to knock me on my butt - I think I am getting used to it. I'm sad, I won't see her again, but she is no longer in pain and she was ready. She was 68. So I am happy too. 

Wow, this is when you know, you are getting older - when death just comes - When I was young, I could go years, without death. Now, it's showing up all the time. 

Man, I have to get things in order, so I can relax. I want to have my house in order and my closets clean! 



  1. I was shocked when people I knew who were younger than I am died. It made mortality a reality.


    1. I know. On Facebook, my HS has a Memorial page and a updated list every month. Makes me feel so sad.

  2. It is sad. And it leaves such a big hole in our lives. And in our hearts. But it is inevitable so we might as well accept it! Sorry for your loss.

  3. Oh my goodness 68 is so young to die, my parents are in their 70's and nan was 95 when she passed, the death of a friend can be so upsetting

    1. WE had so much history together.

  4. So sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. It is true the older we get, the more we are "surrounded" by it. I had 2 "shocking" deaths this year. One was a friend from when we lived in Southern California; only knew her for about 4 years, but what an impact she had on my life. Hadn't seen her since we moved to Arizona almost 2 years ago now, but sadly she lost her fight to cancer; she was 64. The other death was a cousin I kinda of knew (my mom came from a family of 10, so I have lots of 1st, 2nd, and probably now 3rd cousins I've never met or barely met. She died in a "freak" accident being caught by a rogue wave while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas about 2 months ago. She was 68. I know we aren't guaranteed a tomorrow but I think the older we get, the reality that that statement is true because more sobering.



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